Interpretation of art.

The  story behind this painting is that one day a Aboriginal was sitting by a river in the desert in the early morning as the sun rose . Then he got an idea to paint it, so that’s what he did. After a few minutes he had finished.  It was a river in the  desert, with the sun coming up behind it and in the river were fish and a crocodile. The man or woman were probably fishing for the family for the day. The person who painted this, may have been a fisherman, or someone who was enjoying the view. They were  living in the outback, near the edge of the river.

just a bit about me.

My name is James, I am 10 years old and I live with my mum,dad and my two dogs
Alfie and Molly. Alfie is a spoodle and molly is a golden retriever.

My favourite things to do at school are writing, reading and doing art and my favourite things
to do at home are drawing, playing with the dogs and watching my favourite TV
shows doctor who and ninjago masters of spinjitzu and playing lego. The things I
do outside of school are art class, cricket and swimming. Some of the holidays I
have gone on are to Kingscliff, New South Wales, Tasmania, Palm cove, Port
Douglas and we are about to go to Sydney. Some of the lego things I have built
are Titanic, the Providence which won me a $50 voucher in the National lego
competition! My favourite films are the Avengers, Pirates of the Carribean and
Titanic. Thanks for reading.:)