Q.1 Why did they separate kids from parents?

Aboriginal kids  were forced from their families to be raised in homes or adopted by white families. The reason why they did this was to raise aboriginal kids like the white kids.

Q.2 What dose Punjima mean?

Punjima is the  name of an aboriginal tribe which is located in Western Australia in the Pibrara regron

Q.3 Where did he live?

He was raised by a white family until he turned 15

Q.4 What is the Department of Social Security.

The DSS is a name of a defunct goverment agency which adminstered the social security system. It is now known as Centrelink.

Q.5 Why were his birthday’s always a mystery?

The reason why is because the hospital people didn’t know when he was born. Also the aboriginal’s didn’t have calendars.

Q.6 Where was the story set in 1967?

The story was set in Western Australia.



Thursday the 27th of September is when we went up to Sydney but we drove up which took forever. We made a lot of pit stop’s. They were at Glenrowan, where Ned Kelly made his Last Stand, Yass where we had lunch and the 3 rd place was our destination ??? SYDNEY of course!!!!! Some of the sick things we did were going on a Australian Navy retired destroyer called the “Vampire”and a submarine called the “Onslow” and a replica of the Endeavour. These were all at the Sydney Maritime Museum. Sunday we went to Sydney’s Luna Park which was awesome, we went on ferry ride’s and went to Sydney’s Olympic park which was sick. Overall it was awesome . Then we went to Mollymook where we went to the beach and me and my dad made a sand castle we stayed there for 6 hours!!!!!!!!!  Then we drove back home the next day which also took forever. I had a great holiday.