Semester one goals


My goals are that in school I want to concentrate more and not get distracted by other people in class. Also to focus on the task or the project and not just put an ordinary answer if you don’t know it. Also participate more in the class conversation and not to just stay out of it and just start to not learn anything. Also to slow down while I am doing a test and not to rush during it and also to check my answers


One of the reflections of my goals this term is that I want to concentrate more in class and work on my own work and not to get distracted by my class mates also to focus more on the task or if I am doing a project for school also not to put an ordinary answer for a test and to not rush it. I also want to work on participate more in the class conversation. Also I want to slow down in projects and tests.

Future learning goals

For the future at school I want to make sure that I do all of those goals that I need to work on at school so I get better school marks in my reports for school and so that I get a good high school and I get a good life from those school reports.

100 Word Challenge Week 36

One day at the beach there was a family that were having a summer party. As the expensive party went on for ever, all of a sudden they heard a strange noise from the sky. It was a loud roar, like a polar bear roar. Then the tent caught on fire, and all of a sudden a flying black polar bear attacked all that were on the beach! So all the people ran for there life from the bear! After a while they came back to their destroyed party and the bears were gone so they decided to continued partying.

Three types of graphs with Juz, James, Raymond and Jessie


What is the best way to exercise?

Bar graph

Strengths: easy to read and understand.

weaknesses: unable to show what the question was.

3D Bar graph

strengths: easy to read the categories

weaknesses: hard to read the numbers

3D Pie graph

strengths: it is easy to understand which category is most popular.

weaknesses: you don’t know how many votes each category has got.

100 word challenge week 35

In an ordinary town there was a boy who was scared of the dark and would not go to sleep. The reason he stays up all night is because he is scared of monsters coming and killing him in his sleep. His parents tried everything they could to get him to bed but nothing worked! When he started to freak out he suddenly felt dizzy and fell on his pillow and fell asleep. In the morning he opened the curtains and he said to himself the sun was so bright and he was not scared anymore.

100 word challenge week 34

                                                        NIGHT AT THE ZOO

One night a zookeeper was doing his check, to see if the animals were OK. Just as he was  about to leave for the night he heard something,  it sounded scary. He thought it was a Lion or a Snake following him around the zoo. So he got his dart gun out just in case. As he walked around with his hands shaking, he heard the noise again, and it sounded closer than ever. Suddenly he looked up and saw the speaker. He laughed to himself because he now knew where the noise was coming from.

Weekend 100 word challenge

Over the weekend I did some really cool things. On Friday night my friend Luca came over for dinner and for a play. We were playing on the X Box, pretty much all night. We played Minecraft and a game called 007 legends, which is a James Bond game. On Saturday night I had a movie night with my mum and dad, then on Sunday I had a quiet day at home with my mum catching up with my homework. So that was my cool weekend, even better than the last, I wonder if the next weekend will be even cooler.

Spelling City Skills

This week for spelling city we were to work out what all the 12 words had in common? The words bleach, screech, bleed, steep, copy, cubby, keep, stream, least, wheat, hobby and study all have a e sound in them. The e sound aren’t just e they are ee, ea. and y.

Mathsmate problem 23


I predict that this will be about working out what four grapefruits weigh altogether.


Nothing to clarify


The question is that one and a half grapefruits weigh 600g but it is asking what four grapefruits weigh altogether?


The answer is that four grapefruits weigh 1600g altogether.

How I worked out the answer

I needed to work out what four grapefruit weigh. To do this, I first worked out how much one grapefruit would weigh. I knew that 1.5 grapefruit weighed 600g. To give me whole numbers, I doubled these figures, giving me 3 grapefruit weigh 1200 g. Then I divided 1200 g by 3 which gave me 400 g: the weight of one grapefruit. To find the weight of 4 grapefruit, I multiplied it by 4 which gave 1600 g.

weekend 100 word challenge

This weekend was very a exciting one, even better than last weekend. The  things I did this weekend were very cool: I went over to Angus’ house for an epic sleepover,  and when I say epic, I don’t mean it was OK, I mean it was the best sleepover ever! I had a great time there. For dinner I had Pizza, then me and Angus watched the first Lord of the Rings. On Saturday night I  went to my Uncle’s house for dinner and for dessert I had toasted Marshmallows, that are very tasty. I also played Minecraft with my cousin.

Reading Reflection

The book I am reading is called the Lord of the Rings. I am reading the part when Gondor got attacked by the army of Orcs, trolls and Nazguls which people call the winged shadow. The army of Rohan came to help Gondor, but the Orcs had very strong holds  on Gondor as they had Trolls, Nazguls and GIANT ELEPHANTS, which they call Olephants,  which can crush a man on a horse. Gondor and Rohan had deathless ghosts that live in a dark cave and if someone enters they don’t come out. When the Orcs were attacking the city, the men were very scared and if I was one of the guards then I would be scared to. When the men of Rohan were riding down the hill,  the King was lost to the Nazgul.  The rider of the Nazgul got stabed in the head by Merry, the hobbit, who didn’t know he would even survive the war as he thought he would die in battle.