Term 2 Project Reflection

Three facts I found interesting and surprising:  Three things that were interesting about the Skeletal system were what happens to 100 bones in a new born baby if you want to know what happens they harden together to make harder and stronger bones also where the smallest bone is in the skeleton and it is in the ear and last but not least the number of bones in an adult which is 3o5.

Two understandings I now have:  Two understandings I now have on the skeletal system are of what types of broken bones you can get if you brake one if you brake one very badly then you might need a electronic bone to replace it.

One wondering I still have is:   What will they do in the future for better health for the bones and if in the future people will have electronic bones instead of normal bones.

 What were the most important things I learnt?   How to take care of bones and what not to do to them and to make sure there healthy and to not break them.

How did I learn it?  By working as a group and to learn as much as possible as I can until I can’t think of any more things about the skeletal until the end.

What am I going to do with what I have learnt?   The things I might  do are to make sure I take care of my bones and not to jump from high places and to make sure they are all ok and not to push them to the limit.

Human body systems

                                                      Nervous system

Some facts I learnt about the Nervous system are that if you get a stroke on the left side of the brain it will infect the right side too. Also the Nerves travel at 80 km an hour around the body also if you didn’t know you had hit your hand then your brain would react also it will tell you in a painful way.

                                                     Curclatory system

The lungs send oxygen to the heart but is taken to two different parts of the heart. All of your blood is made up of Plasma and white blood cells. Every year your heart beats 30 million times a year!

                                                      Muscular system

In your human body there are over 650 muscles! When you strain or hurt your muscle put ice on it for twenty mins and the pain will go away for good. Together the bone and the muscle help us move and do all the things we can do.

                                                        Immune system

The things the Immune system can do is that it can fight of colds the way it dose that is because of the white blood cells. The spleen controls the blood and where it go’s  in the body. A disease that can come is called Hyperthyroidism that can infect your Immune system. The person who discovered the immune system was called lady Mary Wortely Montayu.

                                                       Lymphatic system

In 1652 the lymphatic system was discovered by Thomas Bartholin. The lymphatic  system helps fight diseases away to make sure it doesn’t happen you have to eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruit. A type of disease that can infect your lymphatic system is called Lymphoma which is the worst disease that can come in from time to time in your lymphatic system.

                                                           Urinary system

In 1540 a man called Andeas Vesaliays discovered the Urinary system which involves the kidneys, bladder and the Ureathra. If you get kidney stones or a kidney failure you have to get emergency operation. Also if we had no kidneys then we would die.

                                                          Digestive system

In 1820 William Beaumont discovered the digestive system. The intestines, stomach and liver and more work the digestive in the right way. In the small intestine takes 4 hours to digest food.

                                                         Respiratory system

Mr Hooke discovered the respiratory system. Asthma is a disease that can infect the respiratory system also if you smoke too much then you get very bad lung cancer.

The Ring of terror and destruction!

“Death!” Cried the men of Rohan. “Forth Théoden” cried the king just as the horns of Rohan were blown wildly for victory on the Pennomor fields just outside the city of Gondor, Minas Turith. As they rode straight for the Orcs that were becoming very scared of the 2,000 men on horses riding straight for them “Death! Death! Death!” they all cried as they rode to battle. “Death!” cried Merry the Hobbit who was riding with Eowin the woman of Rohan. As they drew closer the orcs had there bows ready to fire. “FIRE” cried the orc leader as the orcs let go of the string. The men were riding faster now, but many of them were shot by the enemy “CHARGE!” cried the king “FIRE AT WILL! “cried the orc leader as the orcs fired again this time braver. 
This time they mostly missed because they were closer. Then in a blink of an eye the soldiers of Rohan smashed right into the orcs. Then the orcs started to retreat. “Drive them to the River” cried Eomir. Just as he said that they heard loud stomps of giant feet then they said to them self’s they had BIGGER problems. They looked to the herrision and saw ten giant Elephants. Just as the horn of evil was blown. “ROAR” the Elephants cried “CHARGE” cried the king as  the horns were blown again. As they rode to battle the Elephants they smashed over fifty horses into the air. On there backs there was a barricade and archers post. and there were 20 evil solders shooting at the men and every second a horse would be crushed or sent flying.

One of the elephants was chasing Eomir and his group of riders then he turned around and threw a spear at the drivers chest who was the driver of the elephant which made the elephant go smashing into another elephant which killed both of them at once! “To Me” cried the king but as he said that there was a enormous screech from the sky it was the which king of agma rode his Nazgul  straight for the king! Then the king got bitten and attacked by the Nazgul then the king fell under his horse. ” Feast on his flesh” the witch king said in a low cold voice as the Nazgul crawled to the king to eat him. Then Eowin ran and said to the witch king “I will kill you if you touch him!” she said in a brave voice ” Do not come between a Nazgul and his prey” the witch king replied.

 Then the dragon attacked Eowin but she cut of its head! While the Witch king was getting up Eowin grabbed a shield to fight him. Then he got up to fight Eowin but he had a sword and a massive spikey ball on a chain then he was about to attack but Merry the Hobbit stabbed him in the back. Eowin took of her helmet and stabbed the witch king in the head! Meanwhile at the docks the pirate ships had arrived ” Late as usual pirate scum there’s enough work here that needs doing” one of the orcs ordered but Aragon, Legolas and Gimli came of  the ship instead and with them came a army of ghosts that charged at the enemy.

 Then Aragon called to Legolas and said a Elephant was heading straight for them! So Legolas jumped on its leg and then climbed onto its back and started shooting the enemy on the Elephant. Then he cut the ropes that healed the archers posts and the drivers post and then shot three arrows into its head and smiled at Gimli. “That still only counts as one!” he said in an aggressive voice. As the army’s of Mordor began to crumble Eowin crawled to Théoden. When she reached him he said to her “My body is broken and then he pasted away.  Minas Turith was saved from Mordor. As Gandalf walked around the battle field he spotted Aragon with the ghosts “release us… you gave us your word!” demanded the king of the dead. There was a long silence ” Go… be in peace” Aragon answered as the ghosts vanished from site.

As Aragon faced the wizard and Gandalf said “Frodo has passed beyond my sight” Gandalf said “If Sauron had the ring weed know it” Aragon replayed “Ten thousand Orcs now stand between Frodo and mount doom” Gandalf said. “He needs time… we can give him that” Aragon answered “How” Gimli asked “When we gather our full strength and march on the Black Gate” Aragon answered in a brave voice Gimli coughed ” A diversion” Legolas answered ” Certainty of death… small chance of success… what are we waiting for? Gimli answered. Meanwhile Frodo and Sam had made it into Mordor. “This is it mister Frodo we’ve made it to Mordor” Sam said then there was a long silence then Frodo said “Its him the eye!” “Come on mister Frodo lets get down the hill first as Sam said that the army of Mordor were marching for the gate. Meanwhile Aragon was marching with his army of the west to the gate for the last war for Middle Earth. Meanwhile Frodo and Sam were climbing mount doom to destroy the ring of power. As they climbed Aragon said “Let the lord of the black land come forth… let justice be done upon him” Aragon cried. There was a long silence then the black gate opened and out came the army of Mordor then Sauron looked to the black gate “For Frodo” Aragon said as the army of the west charged to war.

 Meanwhile Frodo and Sam were almost at the doorway of mount doom but Gollum came out of know were and attacked! Sam  had to fight him while Frodo get inside and Sam followed. Then Frodo through the ring in but it landed on crust and then sank into the lava of mountain of fire. Sauron shrieked with terror as his tower exploded to pieces then a giant eagle saved them from death. Then the black gate tumbled down into pieces and the orcs died in a  split second. Mordor and Sauron had been defeated. After two days Aragon was clamed king of Gondor, Eomir became king of Rohan and Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippen returned home in the shire land of hobbits. Frodo got to live with Bilbo his father from that day forward. Middle Earth was saved from the clutches of Sauron’s grasp.