100 word challenge

When the train pulled into the station, there was lots of movement and noise. The train we boarded is called the Santa Fe. The whistle was blown and we took of for the U.K. There was lots of noise in my cabin. As the train entered the final tunnel for the United Kingdom, all of a sudden we stopped. In the center of the tunnel the front of the train took off. We were sitting at the back of the train. After a day the train came back and took us to the most famous station in all of London.

Mathsmate Problem 24


I predict this will be about working out the letters which are actually numbers.


Nothing to clarify.


The question is asking what the letters A, B and C stand for in numbers and they all make 800.

Mathematicians tool box:

The tool from the mathematicians tool box is test all possibility’s.


The answer is that A is seven, B was two and C was one.

Way to work it out:

You add the numbers 1, 2, and 7 together to get 10 which gives you the final 0. Then you carry the one to the next two in the column which also makes 10 then you carry the 1 again to add to the 7 which is 8 and that is your answer.


Mathsmate Question 23


I predict this will be about adding numbers and patterns.


Nothing to clarify.


The question shows a box with some numbers in it and they have to make certain numbers in certain patterns.


The way you work out how to find the answer is to find the patterns which are in the three rows they are the numbers 6, 7, 8 and in the next row they are the numbers 7, 8, 9 and in the last row there are the numbers 8, 9, 10 and those are your answers for the question.

How to work it out:

The way you work it out is to fill in the dark grey corners in the box but you need to find the number that connects to four to make six. So you then you place a two there then you add five and two which makes seven and then you add two and six which makes eight.  Then on the next column you add the four and three which is seven then you add the five and the three together which is eight then you add three and six which makes nine. On the last column you add four and four which is eight then you add four and five which is nine and finally you add six and four which is ten and then you have worked it out.


In all I think the question is quite easy to do but might take a while to do but it is an easy question.

Maths mate Question 22


I predict this will be about players in a netball team.


Nothing to clarify.


How many netball players are standing in a circle and three is opposite eleven.

Mathematicians tool box

Test all possibilities.


The answer is 16.


This question was a challenging one but I did three answers and the one that made sixteen was the answer. The way I got it was, so I did 3 opposite 11 and then I added in the missing numbers and then I got 16 as an answer. Also the way I got it was by doing my addition times tables to get it so there were eight numbers on each side of the circle.


What do we know about Australia before the British came.


When Captain Cook discovered Australia it was nothing more than an empty waste land with new people called Aboriginals who used sharpened wood for spears and had paint all over them. So captain cook decided to take the land by force. So he made the Aboriginals leave or he would have killed them with their guns or swords that the Aboriginals didn’t have to fight them. So only a few Aboriginals survived the fight. So before Cook came Australia would have been one big island with hundreds of Aboriginals and they had to hunt their food instead of it just sitting on a plate ready to be eaten. So when Cook came all of the Aboriginals lives changed when Captain Cook came to Australia.