It all started on the 14th of April 1912 when the Titanic collided with an ice burg in the north Atlantic sea.But before I get to that I need to tell you about when it started. My name is Jack by the way and I live in Southampton, England and on the 10th of April I will be boarding the most grandest ship of all, Titanic. A four funneled, three propelled ship which will meet it’s doom at sea.

April 10th 1912

It is Cayuse in Southampton, there are millions of people and kids here. I have been stuck in a Que to board the ship for hours. I am with my best friend Bob who is looking forward to the trip to the U.S.A on the Titanic. I have no idea of how many people there are here. When we finally get on board the Titanic it is still cayuse inside too. When the horn is blown the tugs start pulling and we start sailing as people yell good-bey we sped of for adventure.

April 11th 1912

We are very far out at sea and we are speeding up quickly. Bob and I are at the bow of the ship watching the sea closely.  Then we see Dolphins jumping just a kilometer away in front of the ships hull. After we are in out second class cabin playing cards. I have started noticing large blocks of ice form our window  “I think we are in the Atlantic now” I say. During the day the whyolese officers had got two ice warnings and they were in there path. They gave the warnings to the captain but he just ordered more speed to get to New York quicker.

April 12th 1912

Today we have reseaved another ice warning. Bob and I are having lunch in the dinning room. After we went to the main deck to look around to spot other ships if there were any out and about. We only saw water and more ice flouting around. The reason we are going to the U.S.A is to help our family’s because there dads had there legs blown of in war. So they can’t save money to help there family’s. They want to so badly see them again but the only way is to catch the Titanic. When there dads were returned home they were taken home by the Titanic’s sister ship the Britannic which was sunk by a U Boat a few days later. When we returned to our cabin there was a thud on the port side of the ship, it was a mini ice burg.

April 13th 1912

When I woke up Bob was on the deck watching the calm sea. I tapped on his shoulder and then he said ” I’ve seen more ice burgs while you were asleep” he said in a low voice “Why didn’t you wake me up ” I ask in a angry voice. “LOOK A SHIP!” he yelled in a happy voice. The time now is 6:30 pm and many people are asleep in there cabins asleep. I say to myself it is going to be a long night.

April 14th 1912 10:50 pm

Bob and I are at the front of the ship when we hear the bell from the crows nest. I look out in front of us and shudder to bob “B…Bob I…ice b…burg!” I scream to Bob as the ship turns to the starboard side. There was a humongous screech and splinters of iron rivets as we struck the ice burg. Parts of ice crash like boulders onto the deck as the burg drifted away. Bob and I starred at each other in horror as hissing came from the funnels and the pure of the engines stopped. Many lights were on now while the ship started drifting forward into the icy sea. Then the crew men started preparing the boats for the evacuation. As we headed for the deck the captain came out of the message room as he said in a cold voice that no help would come as the passengers started panicking. Now about two or three boats have left the ship. Then there was a BOOM! as a  danger rocket was sent into the air.

April 14th 11: 00 pm

Now the whole bow is under water. Most of the boats were already gone except for the row of boats at the front deck. After five miniatures one of the two main decks was flooding. Now no boats are left and the second deck is flooding too. Bob and I are running to the stern while some people wont budge. When we look back the front of the deck is flooding including the bridge. Then there were some screams for a sec as there was a giant SPLASH! as the front funnel smashed on some people as the ship sank a bit quicker. Now the top of the propellers are sticking out of the sea. Now Bob and I are at the sterns back railing when we hear more snapping as the second funnel collapses into the sea. Now the ship is tilting very high up as a explosion came from the sterns power room as the ship went dark.

April 15th 12:10 pm

As the black ship sat there for a while there was a cracking as the ship split in two. As the last two funnels fell into the sea as the front of the ship sank for ever. As the stern falls back onto the sea it started tilting again but it pointed straight up to the sky. Then there was a creaking sound as the ship started moving into the sea. When I look around I spot a large piece of wood floating far away from the ship. I look at bob and we both nod and jump for our lives. We land next to it with a splash. When were both on we watch as the ship slowly sinks into the abyss.

April 15 12:20 am

Over 1,500 people are in the sea as the flag pole dips into the darkness. We both spot a boat with five people in it so we start paddling for our lives. After a few hours we spot the Carpathia heading straight for us. When were on board we are in the dinning room wrapped in blankets having hot co co. After three more days we reach the U.S.A. As we pass the statue of liberty it reminds me of all the madness I went threw With Bob on the R.M.S Titanic. Also every night I hear the screams of the captain yelling “ABANDON SHIP!” and I cant stop thinking about it.

Mathsmate Problem 24

Prediction: I predict this will be about adding letters to make a big number.

Clarify: nothing to clarify.

Question: The question is asking and showing groups of letters which are A, B, C, D and E which all make the number 74915.

Way to work out: The way you work it out is first you work out what the 3 E’s are. They are 5’s so you place the 5 and carry the one. In the next column you work out what the D’s are and they are 0’s but you add the one to get 1. Then you add the C’s which are 3’s which make 9. then the easiest part work out the A which is 7.

Spelling City Skills

The main skill for spelling city this week which was about all of  the words which were crumb, debt, dumb, lamb, limb, plumber, thumb, jamb, numb, gnash, gnat, gnome, ghastly, honour, honest, rhyme, aghast, Shepherd, rhinoceros and honestly all have a silent letter in it. For example the word rhyme has a silent letter in it which is the letter H. Also the word crumb has a silent letter which is B because you can’t hear it at all. 

Mathsmate question 24


I predict this will be about working out what the letters stand for in numbers.


Nothing to clarify.


The question is asking what the letters A, B, C and D represent in numbers to add to the answer 2968.


The way you get the answer is by using the right tools to get the answer. The three D’s need to add up to 8 and you add three six’s which is 18 and you carry the 1 to the next column to add to that to. Then you work out what the three C’s are the they are 5’s. You add them together to get 15 and add the 1 to make 16 and you carry the 1 again. Then you add the 1 to the next two numbers which are 4’s. You add them together to get 8 and then add 1 again to get 9. Then finally you work out what A is and it in 2 and then you have your answer.