Weekend 100 Word Challenge

On the weekend I came back from my Port Douglas holiday. The weekend before was when I left for Queensland for a week to stay in Port Douglas. Are flight took 3 hours from Melbourne airport to Cains airport. Then we cough a bus to the hotel. As my mum and dad were checking in I collapsed onto a couch nearby and slammed the back of my head on a mar ball table which made a big lump on the back of my head. Then we got to our hotel room we went into the pool for the rest of the day.

GTAC perduasive text

GTAC is a place where primary students only get to go in term 4 when year eight’s get to all the time. I know and think that GTAC is suitable for all students primary and up. Because it is a fun, interesting and exciting place of wonder. Primary students would want to know how scientists do all those things to solve crimes from robbery’s to murder mysteries. Also GTAC is a great to go to for a university. Also when I went there we got to meet real forensic scientists and we got to solve a crime which was very fun, exciting and interesting  place to learn new and fun interesting things. Could solve a murder case in the future?

GTAC reflection

On Monday the 27 of October all the 5/6 band students went to GTAC. GTAC is a place where you get to do fun science activity’s. When I went there we had to solve a investigation about a dog called Alfie. One day he came back with a whole bunch of clues on him and how he had been getting out. We were showed how to solve investigations and how to use the Compound microscope and the Stereo microscope. Some clues Alfie bought back home were: A Beetle, Leaf’s, Seeds, feathers and water. After that we put on our lab coats and set to work. First we looked at the beetle and I was amazed of what the microscopes showed, They showed the beetle so close up and showed it’s body parts so close up.

Then we looked at the leaf’s which the microscopes showed very close up it looked like a bunch of sticks on one big stick. Then we looked at the leaf which was hairy and a bit sticky. Then we looked at the feather which looked like a whole bunch of sticks on a big stick. Then we looked at the seeds which looked like a hairy coconut. Finally we looked at the water which was a green goo collar and inside it there was a whole bunch of small plants and inside it there were little worms speeding across from side to side in a flash. They were like the superhero the Flash. After that we asked the forensic scientists some questions and then we left for school. When we arrived at school we got there around about 1:50 pm in the afternoon.