Muvimp Concert Reflection

On Wednesday night 4 schools joined together to play in front of a crowd of 300 parents. I was one of 7 or 8 bass players. I was one of 3 bass players at my school Mooney Ponds Primary School but one bass player did not attend the concert. Last year in the concert I was dead last so I was sitting on a small seat for 3 hours but this time the drummers and bass players were first for the concert. Before my 2 preforms there were 2 songs before mine they were When the saints go marching in and Sesame street then my song was Another One Bites The Dust then Becky’s Blues and then there were the strings. Then there were the brass which are trombone and trumpet. Then the saxophone and woodwind. Then I played my last song which was Billy Jean but there were 3 other bass players in it along with me and Rebecca. When we were playing I was mainly keeping the song in time and tune. After that all the Drummers joined to play a song called Guns which was VERY loud. Then after that the concert was finished by the band which played Funk City Jam Time, DR Rock The James Bond Theme, Quiet Moments and then a song with singers, piano player and an electric guitarist all playing Your’re The Voice. Then when they finished we did some Raffles and finished the night. That is my reflection on the Muvimp concert.

100 Word Challenge Happy Holidays Week!

It was a Cold snowy night in west Brunswick and as all the people were preparing for Christmas day, lunch and presents. As all the cayuse finished everybody went to bed to make Christmas day come faster. As the towns, city’s, farms and the whole world fell silent over the sound of bells filled the air. Then a red structure fell and crashed on the roof of a house as a small sack fell down the chimney. House after house after house Santa’s slay landed and gave presents to the kids.

Have a wonderful holiday and see you all next year!!!

Mathsmate Problem 22

Prediction: It will be about Roman Numerals with matches.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Problem: The problem is showing V + I = V as roman numerals.

Answer: This question was quite tricky but I moved one match from the plus sign which made – to the second V. So the answer would be  V – I = IV.

Summery: I think this question was a bit tricky even though I don’t know much about roman numerals but I manged to get the answer all in all.

Shipwreack coast Warrnabool Camp Reflection

On Tuesday the 26th of November all the 5/6’s left for our camp in Warrnabool. When we were on the bus everybody was very excited. Before we made our first stop we went to a aboriginal museum and learnt about aboriginal plants and got to throw REAL Boomerangs. A while later we had made our first bit stop, We had our recess and went to the toilet and we were off again. We got to watch a movie which was Monsters University and we made our second stop where we had lunch and had a play at the playground then we were of again. Finally we got to the Motel we got put into our rooms. The number of our room was 54 on the GIRL SIDE! instead of the boy side. Also I got no one on my list of room mates in my cabin. I got Alex and Angus.

In our room we had a small kitchen, TV, double bed and two single beds. The rooms were good but the room mates were really bad but I liked Alex in my room. On day one we got up and had our breakfast and then went to the Flagstaff hill museum where we learnt about a famous sailing ship called the Locard  which sank on the shipwreck coast where a whole bunch of other ships sank. Then after that we went to our buffet dinner and then had a trivia night and then went to bed. On the morning of day two we went back to the Flagstaff hill and saw what the villages looked like when the Locard sank and then went to the adventure park where A whole bunch of people including myself made a ride which is a big swing and we put two people on it and swung it so hard that it went vertical and almost went upside down!!!!!! 

Day three was our last day of activity’s first we went rock pooling where we saw starfish,dead birds and a seal. But getting onto a safe and steady rock was tricky I almost fell in at one point. Then we went fishing where two giant sting rays came through. It was my first time fishing and I really enjoyed it even tho I didn’t catch anything it was still very fun. After that we had lunch and then my group went for a walk along the pier where we was wallaby’s even we saw two a few centimeters away from us. we went to see a nineteen feet high light house. then we went to have dinner at the buffet and then we went back to the motel to have a DISCO! Where we were doing best guitar players and best dressed and all that and I was doing some rock air guitar moves I could think of.

Then on Friday our last day we had breakfast and then started to pack for our long trip back to school. When we started heading back we made lots of stops at our first stop we went to a place where the REAL Locard sank and where the survivors found land. Then we stopped to see the 12 Apostles where it looked like that another one was forming to break away. Then we traveled a bit on the bus and after that we made our final stop where we had lunch and had a play before we started our big trip back. On the way we watched Despicable Me 2 before we made our lunch stop where we had a play as well. Then we started watching Shrek 2. When it finished we were back at school. There was chaos, excitement and lots of talking. When I finally got off, I got my luggage and had everything in my hands. I finally found my mum waiting for me with my dog Alfie. That is what happened at camp and  I hope you enjoyed.

5 Big Questions: How To Get Fabulously Rich

1. What makes this book good?

I liked the story line because it is always in a new place after each chapter and not in the one place through the whole book. Because new things would happen and if in the one place it would be very boring.

2. What would make this book better?

Maybe the author should have added some more dramatic events like if billy lost his money or his lottery ticket. Instead of billy keeping his money safe.

3. What’s the one most important thing the author wants us to know? 

The main thing the author wants us to know is that if you get a lottery ticket there is a really big chance you would have wasted your money on a ticket which you have won nothing from.

4. Why did the writer write this?

The author wrote this because he wants us to know that people waste money on lottery tickets when they hardly win anything from it. It is the same as Tatslotto machines when you bet on something and you lose everything.

5. What dose the audience need to understand and enjoy the book?

The audience need to understand that in billy’s life all he wants is money and when you have got so much of it your luck run’s out and you lose it all.

100 Word Challenge week 12

Dear Children of the Philippines,

I have just heard about what happened in your country and I was gobsmacked. I feel very shocked when I found out that hundreds of you suffering kids have lost your Mum, Dad, Cousins or lost everything you love. I think that people donating you money, toys and supplies for you is a really good idea because you are rebuilding your destroyed homes. Your not the only ones who feel this way, we have cyclones here which can destroy city’s. I wish all the best for you.

From James .T from Mooney Ponds Primary School.

Henry C. Lee Forensic scientist project.

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The forensic scientist I have studied is Dr Henry C. Lee. Dr Lee is one of the most famous forensic scientists in the world. He was born on the 22 of November in 1938 in Rugao City which is in China. Dr Lee was the eleventh child of thirteen children. At a young age his father died on a cruse ship that was called the Taiping which sank in 1949. Dr Lee and his family fled to a country called Taiwan. He never attended University but graduated at the Central Police College. Dr Lee first worked for the Taipei police Department Where he became a captain. He moved to the U.S.A with his wife in 1965. In 1972 he qualified as a forensic scientist and started studying biochemistry at New York University. Then he became a forensic scientist.

Dr Lee has been a forensic scientist for over 40 years. He has assisted in the investigations of more than 6,000 cases. Dr Lee has investigated some very famous cases. He helped solve the Washington DC Sniper shootings and was asked to re investigate the assassination of President John F Kennedy who was killed 50 years ago in America. In 2003 he was consulted as a blood splatter analyst during the trial of Michael Peterson who killed his wife Kathleen Peterson. He has also investigated war crimes in countries called Bosnia and Croatia. Dr Lee once solved a murder where there was no body. Altogether Dr Lee has worked in 46 countries helping to solve crimes.

As well as his forensic work, Dr Lee has taught as a professor at more than a dozen universities, law schools. and medical schools. He has written or helped to write more than 40 books on areas such as fingerprints and DNA. His textbooks are used in the medical and forensic professions. Also he has his own TV show Trace Evidence and he has appeared in other Tv shows and movies.

Dr Lee has his own website where he talks about his most famous cases.

For his many years of outstanding forensic work Dr Lee has received many medals and awards.

He and his wife have been married for 40 long years and they have two grown children.

The two sites I looked at to find information out about Dr Lee were doing a google search and looking on Dr Lee’s website.