BTN Nitro Racing

Nitro racing is held in South Australia. It is remote control car racing. At full speed the car can reach 220 kilometres an hour, but in the race it is 70 kilometres an hour. The reason behind this is that, at full speed you are going too fast to turn corners and jump hills safely without crashing.

You have to train for a year to become a contestant in the race. Some skills you need are driving skills, turning skills and braking. It also takes good driving skills to jump hills and turn sharp corners. When you race, the pit crews check your vehicle for three things that you can use to cheat. You can’t have lots of fuel because you won’t have to stop as much at the pit stop. Your car can’t be too wide because you can turn corners easier,  and finally it has to weigh the same as the other cars. As you race your controller only has three modes which are speed, braking and steering. It is a fun and challenging racing sport to play.

100 word challenge week 23

It was a normal old day at the mines. As the drill mechanic fired up the mega drill. But it malfunctioned and drilled through the planets crust! As it was pushing through the earth and it hit the core! But instead of blowing up it cut through that as well! It kept drilling until it landed it CHINA! A Chinese ninja discovered it. So he tossed it back in the hole. Then it landed back in the mines again. Accept it exploded into smithereens! The miners decided to made a train-line out of it to get to China for holidays.

Mathsmate problem 22

Prediction: I predict that this will be about adding numbers to get a total number.

Clarification: Nothing to clarify.

Question: The question is saying that Sarah is cutting a pole into three pieces. Then it is asking how much longer it would take to cut it into five pieces.

Mathematicians tool box: The strategy’s I used from the Mathematicians tool box were test all possibility’s.

Answer: The answer is twenty min’s and the way you work out the answer is by working out how long it takes to cut one pole. That takes four min’s so you add eight more min’s to the original answer.

Behind The News Guide Dogs.

This Behind The News was about a Golden Labrador who is training to be a guide dog. When you are training one it costs $2500 for food, beds, toys, leads, collars and lots more dog like things. The blind people would have to take them EVERYWHERE! Like cafes, shops, bars and into lifts, up stairs and escalators. Also onto the streets across roads and train lines and into trains. So I think this BTN was a really good one for me because I know lots about certain dogs.

Mathsmate Question 23

Prediction: I predict that this will be about addition and changing multiple numbers.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify’

Question: The question shows a scale with an uneven balance. On one side it has the numbers 1, 4, 5 and on the other side there are the numbers 2, 6, 8.

Mathematicians tool box: My Mathematicians tool box strategy is to work backwards and to try all possibility’s.

Answer: The answer to this questions to change the 8 and to change the 5 which makes one side 13 and the other side 13 which makes the scale even.

Summary: Overall I thick it was a challenging question to solve but in the end I worked it out after trying all my posibility’s.

Home from theSwimming carnival

On Tuesday the 11 of February It was the school swimming carnival. Except I couldn’t go because a strained my left ankle VERY badly and I could hardly walk on it! So I spent the day at home. Except I couldn’t do lots of fun stuff I  had to do work and music all day. First I had to do literacy planet which wouldn’t load properly so I did it on my school Net book. Then I did Piano practice for half an hour. Then I had lunch and watched three Top Gear shows which were awesome and quite funny.

Then I did Bass practice for half an hour. Then I had to clean out my Lego room which looked like a atomic bomb had hit in there! My Lego was everywhere!  After about forty five mins of working I was done. Except I was sweating because there in no air conditioner in there. So My mum let me put one of her fans in there to cool me down. Then I was done for the day. Also I made My own Lego version of the fastest steam train in the world, The Flying Scotsman. That was my day at home from the swimming carnival.

Socialising On The Internet.

Socialising on the internet-cyber smart quide

Key Words:

Social,networking,variety,services,online,friends,family,information,identity,display,inappropriate, contact,scams,risky,personal,profile,parent,guardian, talking, sites,preferably,considerate,technologies and cyber smart.


How to be smart online:

You should never give away personal detail/information or private things because if you do give someone  your  password and the username they could give it to anyone and they and the people they gave to might give a your computer/laptop a virus or a bug. So never trust anyone unless it is your parents or a trusted adult. It also could be risky if you give personal stuff away. If you want to give personal stuff away always ask your parents or a guardian or a trusted adult. But it is also good to go on online sites  because you can get comments and constructive feed back from other people from all over the world! There are a variety of online sites and some you will have to give away personal detail and some you won’t have too and the ones that you have to give personal detail away. They could just be trying to hack your computer/laptop or phone!

100 Word Challenge week 22

It was a very quiet night the new house in the street started glowing light green. As someone walked by he noticed that one side of the house was red and the other a ghostly white. He was very curious so he walked in. suddenly out of nowhere He saw millions of ghosts! Some where scary others weren’t. Some flew right up at him. But suddenly he was lifted into the air! He saw the red light he saw before coming for him! He fell to the ground and ran as fast as he could. Then the house vanished!

100 Word Challenge week 21

In the United States of America a jet spotted A beast so large it was the size of a ship! Meetings were held across the country to find an answer. Then they made plans to take the monster down. They sent over 50 choppers and jets to kill it. They started firing missiles at it. Then it ran back to the ocean but Subs were waiting for him. As soon as it dived in torpedo’s were shot and chased him. Until He hit his head on the hull of a ship which knocked him out cold as he got shot down.

SuperSpell Results Sheet

Spelling Skills Established

  • 2 and 3 Initial consonant blends.
  • 2 letter final consonant blends.
  • Consonant digraph- ck, wh, sh, ch, th, Digraph consonant blends.

Spelling skills partially established

  • 3 Letter Consonant Vowel- Consonant words.
  • Initial and Final Consonant Blend in the 1 word Plurals.
  • Multisyllabic Words (short Vowel Sound)

Spelling Skills Not Established.

  • Double Consonants.