Mathsmate question 22

Prediction: I predict this will be about adding money together.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Question: The question is asking how much money you get. When you get 12 pencils and 4 pencils are as much as 2 rubbers, which cost $1.50

Mathematicians tool box: The strategy I used was testing all possibilities.

Answer: The answer to the question is, 3 groups of 4 which makes $9.00 for your answer.

100 Word Challenge Week 28

On a Friday afternoon a little boy called Jimmy was very excited because he was going on a holiday to Queensland, and he also was building a Lego Cargo Ship. His parents were packing for the trip while he built the ship one brick at a time. The ship he was building was the worlds biggest cargo ship, the Emma Mayersk. Jimmy was almost finished when his Mum came into the room and said “Jimmy it is time to go” Jimmy shot up and said B..but I thought I had enough time” he complained. After his holiday the ship was destroyed by his dog!

BTN Rock Climbing

This week for BTN I watched something about rock climbing. It can actually be quite scary when you are 100 feet of the ground. It can be something everyone can enjoy with their friends. When you do it for a few years you can become an amazing climber. After doing it people can love it and it is a great way to stay fit and healthy. Everyone should give it a go even if it is a bit out there and is very challenging. It can be very dangerous if you haven’t got safety gear on and it could end in serious injury if you are not careful. All in all, it can inspire people to go to new heights.

Mathsmate problem 24

Prediction: I predict that this will be about adding numbers and making totals.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Question: the question shows a three circles connected by lines. It also shows that you need to put certain numbers in the circles to get a total. The totals are 37, 47 and 50.

Mathematicians tool box: The strategy I used from the mathematicians tool box was testing all possibility.

Answer: The three answers are each circle are 17 on the top, 30 on the left hand side and 20 on the right hand side.