100 Word Challenge week 34

In a spooky dark garden there was a haunted house with gravestones all around it. Inside the house a scared little boy who was trying to escape the darkness. As he searched room after room he was chased by ghosts and got terrified when zombies started banging on the windows. Then suddenly he entered a room which had a angel made of pure light, “Um excuse me”  the boy asked ” but where could I go to get out?. “If you go through that door to your left, that is the way out” He dashed to the door and escaped the haunted house.

Beginning to Ending story

On a hot and sweaty day a family was on a fishing boat fishing. They had caught over one hundred fish in less than two hours. When they were about to call it a day their boat hit something like a rock or coral reef but the boat started to shake violently. Then their boat started to sink very slowly into the crystal clear water. The family saw a bunch of bubbles from the bottom of the boat raise from the water “We are sinking!” The son cried in panic. Glug, glug, glug was all that was heard from the ship’s hull.

As the family deployed the life raft the father suddenly screamed “THE FISH!!!!” as he bolted for the buckets. Then there was a sudden explosion from the bridge as the boat suddenly started tipping to the side while sinking and then a chunk of wood went flying into the air, causing the ship to sink much faster. Then there was a tremendous splash as the ships detection pole fell smashing threw the ship’s deck causing it to break in two. After that the ship slowly disappeared from view under the water. So they slowly began to row back so the beach with a heavy cargo, the boat had got weighed down by the buckets of fish so and water began dripping in.

Finally after one long hour they sashed up on the shore and then slowly started to walk to their fish truck parked on the beach. They poured their catch into the back of the truck and started driving home. “What should we have for dinner tonight?” the daughter asked in wonder, “we need to use all of the fish tonight” the son said. “How about Sushi” the mother asked “NO!” The dad bellowed “I want fish n chips for dinner!” he cried again. Then the car was filled with screams, cries and sobbing as they all argued of what to do with the fish, Then the mother who was driving got so frustrated she drove the car off a cliff into a lake where the fish escaped. “Well there goes our dinner” the dad said sadly.

GTAC Reflection

On the 6th of May scientists from a place called Gtac came here for us. We had a two hour lesson with them. The people who came were called Chris and Maria and they had a lot in store for us. Our goal for the lesson was to discover why Solids and Liquids behave differently. Then were where put into groups of six and had to discus our first task, which was to move a chunk of Play dough from one beaker to another beaker, but we couldn’t touch it with our hands we could only use a plastic cup to move it and tongs to lift it. My group didn’t go so well but we had three more activity’s to go.

Our next activity was basically the same as our first one except we had to get a foam cup from one beaker to the other but we had to transport it in a plastic cup. So we had to smash it to pieces, but we had to have all the particles. My team went quite good on this one. Our next activity was pretty much the same again, but this time we had to get an elastic band from one beaker to the other using a foam cup. This time we went really good. we couldn’t put it into the cup so we put it around and cups base.

Our final activity was very fun and quite hilarious. We had to bunch up inside a roped circle and then we had to act like we were a liquid and a solid. First we had to act out being a solid, so we had to bunch up until we were squished and were tightly packed together. We also had to join hands which got so tight my arms and hands went numb. Then we had to act like Chris was pushing us separating us. When he did it some people tripped and almost fell over after he did it.

So after that we had to act like a liquid so we had to move around and act all jiggly. Then Chris said we had to act like we were a liquid being tipped out of a beaker. This part of the activity was really funny. We had to act out being tipped over and we had to do it in slow motion. While we did it people including myself fell over and almost hit the tables, so when one person fell, five more would fall to. After that we had to sit back down and listen to Chris and Maria.

We started talking about solids, Gasses, Liquids and plasma. It was really interesting to talk about, we talked about different types of gasses like flammable ones like helium and gasses on the Sun. There were alot of questions that wanted to be answered about gasses. After that we started talking about solids and liquids, so we started talking about our goal for the lesson. So then we started reflecting on our goal. Which was to find out why Solids and Liquids behave differently. After that we started having a big conversation about Plasma. You can only find it in outer space, on planets such as Saturn and Jupiter. It is very rare to find plasma on earth because on earth there is already has gasses, solids and liquids on this planet but you might find that stuff on different planets?  After we finished talking about all of the different states of matter we finished up the lesson.

Mathsmate question 23

Prediction: I predict that this will be about adding numbers together and then subtracting numbers from the main number.

Clarify”: Nothing to clarify.

Question: the question is asking how much liters of petrol do you need to drive 400 km if you use nine liters every 100 km.

Mathematicians tool box: I Used testing all possibility’s.

Answer: The answer is 36 liters of petrol to drive 400 km.

GTAC reflection 2

On Wednesday the 21st of May my school class 5/6B went to Gtac. Gtac is a place where they do science and help with solving crimes like murder crimes. We had to catch public transport to get there first we had to catch a bus then we caught a tram to get there. When we got inside we went to the top floor using a staircase which was shaped like DNA, then we got inside and got lab coats on and safety goggles on. The scientists that would be teaching us had a lot of interesting stuff to do today. First we did a balloon experiment which was led by a scientist called Simon; the activity was to see how many balloons could fit in a large can with liquid nitrogen fewer than 196 degrees below 0.

We had to guess how many balloons could fit in it; I guessed that 10 balloons could fit in it. When Simon placed the first balloon in it went in easily so he put another and another into the liquid nitrogen. The total that could fit in it was 10 and when he pulled them out they reinflated back to normal. He said that the liquid nitrogen had compressed the gas particles inside the balloon which made it shrink and get all crackly. Then we had to draw on a piece of paper what we think an inflated balloons gas particles were doing and what the gas particles in the compressed balloon looked like. Then we did another activity which was to see what would happen if you placed a glass beaker with a balloon stuck on it, and then place it on a heat block, and to think of what the particles are doing inside it. So when it was placed on the heat block very slowly the particles started to float up into the balloon which made it inflate and grow bigger.

After that we had recess then after that we started doing activity’s with some other scientists, my groups first activity was to find out what was causing a big problem in Port Phillip Bay, it was a problem in the bay, it had caused an Algael bloom. They are giant floating underwater islands but it is a very bad problem. We had to find out what had caused it and it was a chemical reaction from shampoo and dishwashing detergent.

Then we did another one on oil spills in the sea and what it does and how to solve it. We got showed some photos of a tanker ship in the middle of the ocean which had spilled A LOT of oil. We got a beaker with some water in it and then got some oil, it was cooking oil not ship oil and poured it into the beaker. When it got poured in it sank but then floated back up and sat on top of the water and stayed there.

So that’s when we were showed what happens to marine animals and birds in the water. We got a feather and placed it in normal water a birds feathers make it float and the water just goes through there slick feathers while oil got stuck in the feather which could cause the bird to get stuck in the water. Also fish and sharks would die because of the oil clogging up their gills; they need water to breathe so with clogged gills they would drown.

Then we did an experiment to see what could get rid of the oil fastest, we had three chemicals; soap, paper towels and plastic spoons. We did a race of who could get rid of the oil fastest. First place was the soap, second was the plastic spoons and third was the paper towels, so the fastest way to get rid of oil is to use soap. After that we had our lunch, and then we did our last two experiments.

We had to go downstairs to the next activity. They were based on the same thing, which was how water from lakes gets turned into the water we drink. So we got a sample of dirty water and looked at it through a microscope and we saw dirtiness and little water bugs. Then we zoomed in on a couple of water bugs and saw a lot of interesting things on it, we saw scales, its legs and its eyes and head. Then we went back upstairs and did our final activity.

It was based on the same thing we did downstairs, how water from lakes gets turned into normal. First lake water gets through a process which is called Flocculation which is when dirty particles connect to the clean water particles. Then the dirty particles get put through another stage when the dirty particles get detached, it is called Settle. Then after that the dirty water particles get put through a filter where the dirt gets caught in a net like object while the clean water goes through.

Then finally you put chlorinate in it and then it is fine to drink but it takes a while to do that process. Then finally we had to fill out a sheet of paper which asked a few questions about the day and if you loved the day or you did not like it at all. I chose the I loved it face because it was a really fun day at Gtac because of the sciencey stuff that we did, they were all very interesting to do, to look at and to watch and then to experiment on. All in all we did over six experiments and all of them were very interesting and some were a little bit tricky but others were quite easy to learn about. So then we walked out to the tram stop and waited for the tram to arrive, then we caught the tram to a bus stop and caught the bus back to the school. So that was our exciting day at GTAC.

100 word challenge week 33

To world leaders,

I am writing to inform you that I think all children should be attending school because children with disabilities are missing out. Firstly I think education is important so they can get a good job, raise a family and get money. Lucy is a girl with a disability, she is 11 and she lives in Kenya. She has a problem with her right leg which means she is unable to walk. Also I think that everyone should have the same opportunities no matter where they live. So that is why I think Lucy should go to school.

Mathsmate question 22

Prediction: I predict that this will be about adding money together.

Clarify: nothing to clarify.

Question: The question is saying that five ballpoint pens cost as much as two fountain pens. So how much would six fountain pens be if a ballpoint pen is $1

Mathematians tool box: The strategy I used was testing all possibilities.

Answer: The money you need to have is $15

BTN Lawn Bowls

The Behind the news I did for this week was about lawn bowls. Lawn bowls is a traditional English sport, the aim of the game is to get a total of 21 points, and to get closest to the white ball which is called the jack. Lawn bowls was mainly played by older people, but now younger people are getting into it. Lawn bowls can get really intense and sweat and tears is just the beginning. The ball is not a circle shape but is a oval shape, but one side of the ball is heavy while the other is light. So when you role it it curves to the left. The lawn itself has to be mowed 5 times a week but each time they cut of as much as a ten sent coin on its side off, which is a few millimetres. Lawn bowls is a very fun game to play.

100 word challenge week 32

In a deep dark maze a lonely man was trying to escape. As he walked through the stone walls looking for an exit suddenly a bolt of lighting crackled with the sound of something being transported into the maze. He started walking towards it when he saw a piece of paper lying on the ground. He picked it up and tried to read it, but some of the words sounded like a foreign language to him. Then at the bottom of the note there was a sentence saying, ” there is a ladder on the right side of you”. ” Oh that was handy,” he said.

Mathsmate question 22

Prediction: I predict that this will be about Adding money together.

Clarify: nothing to clarify.

Question: The question is asking how much money you will need to get. But the actual question is asking how much is one pair of scissors if they cost as much as four rubbers. So how much would two pairs of scissors if one rubber is $1.50.

Mathematitions tool box: I used testing all possibilities.

Answer: The answer is $3.00.