100 Word Challenge week 38

It was an exciting day for a happy family who were going to have a vacation at their favourite holiday home. The house was on top of a suspicious looking hill but they didn’t mind the warmth that the house had. When they arrived, the house was even warmer than it normally was. After they unpacked the child asked, “Dad, are we on top of a volcano? because it is far too hot!”

Everyone got outside to look at the house when suddenly there was a bang as the house became a blazing inferno fireball.

BTN Brazil Soccer World Cup

The Behind The News I did for this week was about the Soccer World Cup, which is being held in Brazil. Brazil is on the East Coast of South America. The country’s population is 200 million which is ten Australias combined all together. Brazil produces lots of coffee, sugar cane, oranges and lots of iron ore, but 11 million of the population live in slums called Favelas. These houses are not like normal homes but are tents and little cramped, rusted homes.

The Soccer World Cup is held for one whole month, but all of the people who live in bad living conditions are protesting against the games. The protesters think that all the money Brazil gets for the World Cup should be used to help them and other homeless people. When the Soccer World Cup starts everybody from around the world tunes in for the games. Last year in South Africa, where the last World Cup was held, over 11 million different countries tuned in for the game. Brazil is mad about soccer and they want their team to win very badly.

100 Word Challenge 37

Brazil was hosting the Soccer World Cup in the most famous stadium in the world. Meanwhile in the jungle a Blue Macaw was bored with nothing to do, but then an idea popped into his head. “Maybe I can steal the World Cup Soccer ball for FUN!”

Back at the stadium, Australia were up against England. The scores were five all with ten minutes left. The Blue Macaw swooped in and flew straight for the flying ball. He clutched it with his claws and flew away. Then the commentator said “That is surprising but that’s what happens in Brazil when you mess with birds!”

BTN 5 cent coins

This week for Behind The News I watched a video about 5 cent coins. The 5 cent coin was made in 1966, which is when Australia switched to dollars and cents. In old times Australian money was based on British money, like Pennies, Shillings and Pounds. In Australia we used to have 1 cent coins and 2 cent coins, but we stopped using them because they were too expensive to make. This is similar to the 5 cent coin, which costs 6 cents to make. The place where coins are made is in Canberra at the Australian Mint. The Mint makes over 2 million coins a day. Over time everything is becoming more expensive, for example one lolly bag was five cents, but now five cents can only get you a lone lolly snake. If the five cent coin stops being made then prices will rise more (for example something which is $6.65 will rise up to $6.70). Soon we might have to say goodbye to this little shiny coin.

Read like a writer

That the three companions Leif, Barda and Jasmine are going on on a adventure all around their land, Deltora seeking 7 great and powerful gems and facing horrifying monsters. The ideas that the author had put into the book is really interesting  and action packed. The emotions that Leif has during the books were scared, alert, painful and at a couple of points, happy. The author uses normal words but at a few points the author uses completely different words describing things in the book. The sentence fluency in this book are a little bit hard to understand at a few points while some sentences are very short others are huge. The conventions the author used were lots of question marks and excitation marks which makes a really good action packed adventure story.

Read like a Reader

Why do Leif, Barda and Jasmine have to explore all around Deltora to get the seven lost gems of power? Why dose the shadow lord want to take over the land of Deltora and destroy the City of Del? I predict that after that get the last gem they will have to return to their long lost city which might have pure evil behind its stone walls, maybe a Fire breathing Dragon or something much worse.I am seeing in my head when they enter the Valley of the Lost, I could picture all of the fog, shadows moving around, dead trees and lives dangling from the walls. This series of books reminds me of when I was reading the Harry Potter books, even tho I only got up to the seventh book it still was a magical series of books. I had some feelings during the book, they were some scared feelings, for example when they entered the valley they were cast a spell which made it so they couldn’t move when a clocked figure appeared and he had burning fire like eye’s.

mathsmate question 23

Prediction: I predict that this will be testing numbers in a game.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Question: The question is showing a board game of snakes and ladders and is asking what number can you use in the least number of roles.

Mathematitions tool box: The strategies I used was testing all possibilities.

Answer: The answer I got was 4.

Balloon Race

On a hot sunny day there was the sound of cheering as the church bell rang. It was the annual hot air balloon race day. The main part of the day was to see which balloon flew the fastest and looked the coolest. Some balloons were made up of three balloons, others were made up of two and most were just one balloon on its own. Accept the one which flew fastest and looked the coolest would win the golden and silver hot air balloon trophy. All the balloons were tied to the ground ready to be launched. Then a man cried over the loudspeaker “Drop your sand bags in 3… 2… 1… GO” he screamed as the balloons floated up into the sky.

 But there was no wind to make the balloons drift across the land so they just floated upwards. As they gained altitude the gas exhaust got hotter making them go faster. “Quick release the sandbags to drop!” screamed a balloon rider but someone in the lead cried back “NEVER! I am winning this thing!” “Have it your way then!” the other balloon rider cried back as they floated above the clouds. Then the earth became smaller like a globe. When they were about to float into outer space the leader screamed “GO DOWN GO DOWN NOW!”. So they made a competition of who ever could get back down to the earth the fastest would win the race. The suddenly all of the balloons gas exhausts exploded causing all of the baskets to plummet back to earth.

Pretty much all of the balloons would land in the sea below and would float to the shore. Meanwhile still falling to the earth the baskets past a few helicopters and planes. Soon the town the the ocean were in site when a pilot screamed “THE PARACHUTES, USE THEM QUICKLY!” But one balloon crew who were still falling had no parachutes on them. But then they were thinking it was all over they landed on a airplane’s wing. Then out of the silence a crew member asked “anybody want to go to Hawaii or Queensland for vacation?” then they all had a good joke about it when suddenly the the trophy appeared in their basket, so they all cried “We won the race!” So they enjoyed their glorious victory in Hawaii while having a couple of beers to drink while they were on vacation.

BTN Island Fight

The Behind the News I did for this week was about the South China Sea which countries are fighting over. The South China Sea is a major shipping route and people also hunt fish for food in the reefs. The sea contains lots of little islands which are being fought over by 6 different countries. The countries are China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines. These countries have been fighting over the islands for years. The reason the countries are fighting over the islands is because under the reefs there is lots of oil and gas, which means lots of cash and everybody wants their share. Then China and Vietnam got into a massive fight which ended in a Chinese ship ramming a Vietnamese ship, over time the two countries got into big fights. At one point 60 Vietnamese sailors died fighting over the islands. If something isn’t done about it a war could start, so now world leaders are trying to help to stop this madness. The Chinese are sending over more military ships to take control but the Americans are saying to them to back off.

100 Word Challenge Week 36

One Wednesday afternoon a farmer was going into the city to get some milk for his wife and son. On the way there someone suddenly screamed “THERE’S AN ASTEROID HEADING TOWARDS THE FARMS!” So the Farmer swerved around and sped back to his home. When he arrived there was a giant chocolate creme egg in his yard. Suddenly a army of military troops swarmed the house. Then they realised it was from the planet Creme Egg, the Colonel announced the all clear. They didn’t know what to do with the egg so they got some hot chocolates and started eating it.