BTN Moon Life

This week for Behind the News I did it on life on the moon. After the first moon landing in 1969 a lot of people have now started wondering what it would be like to live there. There are a lot of challenges for doing it but that dose not mean, that it is impossible. The landing was a huge successes and left a lot of people wanting to know if we could live on the moon, scientists have been working on completing  this mission ever since, but it is not very easy. Some of the things that we need to work out is what materials we need to use, how we get everything there and how we would build it. Under the moons skin there is a lot of rare elements, some of these elements are used in iPhones. The hardest part of getting to the moon is breaking away from the earths atmosphere and strong gravity, which requires a lot of force. One of the hardest parts is building everything on the moon. To transport 1 kg of stuff would cost $25,000, the reason for this is it takes so much energy and power for rockets to break through earths gravity and fly to the moon. The only way to build on the moon is to use stuff from the moon. One useful thing the moon has a lot of is moon dust, if you mix moon dust with solther it can create a strong moon brick. It will be a long time until this becomes reality, but scientists are hoping to expand our worlds, one step at a time. As they always say “One small step for man, one giant leap for man kind”

Mathsmate Question 23

Prediction: I predict that this will be about multiplying and dividing numbers together.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Question: The question is asking for you to think of a number times it by 3 and divide it by 2, if the number was 18 what was the original.

Mathematitions tool box: I used working backwards.

Answer: The I got as the original number was 12

BTN Healthy foods from vending machines

The Behind the news I did for this week was about healthy foods that you can get in vending machines. When you get something from a vending machine it would usually be chips or chocolate bars, but now you can go to one of these machines and get fruit instead. In a fruit vending machine there is not a single chocolate bar or large packet of chips. As it turns out a lot of people who get snacks from a vending machine would trade a sugary, unhealthy snack for a sweet, delicious,  healthy snack. Last year a company made a fruit machine that only sold bananas and after that big success they added apples and other fruits. We use vending machines because they are convenient, we can get what we want, when we want it. Everyday people  restock the machines with the best and tastiest’s fruits. The idea came from a student at a Boys Grammar School. If these machines become more popular, getting fruit as a snack will be a lot easier.

Poems: Using the six rooms strategy to create a poem.

To make this poem we used the six rooms strategy. These strategies can be used in many different ways. This is how you use it. In room 1 we think of a picture of something amazing, in room 2 we add colors into it, then in room 3 we add noises, in room 4 we ask our-self’s a question if something will happen, next in room 5 you think of feelings for the picture and finally at step 6 you chose a line or word that you have wrote down. This is my creative poem…


golden sunset

over a

kristle clear


as the

Airbus A380

hovers just

above the


with roaring engines


each wing

Will the plane

lose control above

the sea?

the sea?

the sea?

BTN Sam Willoughby the BMX Champ

The Behind the News I did for this week was based on Sam Willoughby who is the best Australian BMX bike rider. Right now Sam is wanting for kids to get on a bike like him, so he went to a school to help kids build their own bikes. Sam started loving his bikes at the age of 6 and now wants other kids to ride bikes like him. When sam arrived at the school he basically helped kids chose a bike, build it and let the kids take it home. This program is used to get kids healthy and maybe even get them onto a bike race track. First of all the kids go to a bike safety meeting, then chose a bike and then build it. While all the kids build their bikes they are saying they are learning lots along the way and then soon enough they are finishing their masterpieces. After construction people check their bikes and after they are done the kids go and get their helmet and lights. Then they hit the track.

Procedural text of how to make a model Darlek

How to make a model Darlek


1 large plastic bowl, 1 plunger, 1 large whisker, 3 large black plastic plates, 1 garbage bin, 6 black bricks, 1 torch, glue and 2 small plastic cups.


  1. Flip the garbage bin upside down.
  2. Place the black bricks on top.
  3. Glue the plunger on the left hand side.
  4. Glue the whisker on the right hand side.
  5. Flip the 3 plastic plates upside down and place them on top of the bricks.
  6. Then flip the large plastic bowl upside down and place it on top of the plates.
  7. Then glue the plastic cups on the right and left hand side.
  8. Finally glue the torch between the cups at the front of the bowl and turn the torch on.


Now you have a model of a life sized Darlek with a light up torch. Now all you need to do with it is place it in a dark area and turn on the torch so it looks like the real thing and you can scare your friends with it, but don’t use it too much otherwise you will have to get the torch and replace the battery’s. Now all you need to do is get a recorder and record a Darlek saying “EXTERMINATE!” After you do that you can scare someone  and make them run out of the house.


Mathsmate question 23

Prediction: I predict that this will be trying different numbers to get the correct one.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Question: The question is asking you to think of a number and divide it by 12, so if the result was 20 what was the original number?

Mathematicians tool box: I used trial and error.

Answer: The number I got was 16, you divide it by 2 which is 8 and add 12, so I got 20

BTN 100 years of the Anzacs

The behind the news I did for this week was about the first World War that Australia was involved in. This week marks 100 years since the start of Australia’s involvement in the first World War. It all started in June 1914 when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed on the 28th of June, after that things exploded. Austria declared war on Serbia, so countries from both sides came to help. Suddenly a small war became a world war. Countries like the United Kingdom, France, Russia and Australia came to help Serbia, while countries like the German empire and the Ottoman Empire now Turkey were on Austria’s side . Hundreds of thousands of Australians volunteered to fight in World War 1. Over 400 000 men joined the army, some young teenagers wanting to fight so they lied about their age to get in. At the time Australia was still part of the British Empire so they joined them in the war.

In 1915 Australian troops landed in Gallipoli. New Zealand troops also joined them in the fight, and that is what inspired the legend of the Anzac’s. They fought in many battles we still learn about today. Not all of the fighting didn’t happen at Gallipoli. Australians also fought at the western front in France. As the war stretched on technology advanced quickly. Soon planes ruled the skies and warships and Submarines ruled the seas. During the war life was especially hard for soldiers in the trenches. The biggest threat was disease, the trenches were never clean and it was cold at night, so many soldiers died of disease rather than in battle. By 1918 the Allies started to get the upper hand. Then European leaders came together to sign a treaty to agree to end the war. The great World War was over but the effects would last for a long, long time. Over 16 million people died and many more were wounded during battle.

Mathsmate question 24

Predict: I predict that this is going to be adding columns of circles together.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Question: The question shows four lines of circles, each one a different colour, the colours are red, white and grey. Under each circle except for the last one, the total numbers under the first three lines are 16, 18, 21 and the mystery number.

Mathematicians tool box: I used trial and error.

Answer: The answer I got was 22