Mathsmate question 22

Prediction: I predict that this will be about multiplying numbers.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Question:The question shows a multiplication sun which is 8 x ? = 56. What is the mystery number?

Mathematicians tool box: I used working backwards and trial and error.

Answer: I got as my answer 7.

BTN Making Video Games

The Behind the News I did for this week was about making video games. We all know video games are a lot of fun to play, but have you ever thought of how much work gets put into creating a game? Also what types of video games do you like to play? Action, adventure, sport or a role playing game. The main type of game is a platform game, which is when your character has to run and make it to the goal by killing all enemy’s and not being killed, but before you start making your game you have to think of a story line for it. After you have your characters, story line and any other things you need you have to start using your green screen and you have to start your stop motion animation. A green screen is a wall of green paper that with some computer animations, you can get what ever background you want for your game, they are even used in creating movie backgrounds. Stop Motion Animation is when you take lots of photos, and in each one the person or thing is slowly moving. When you have enough photos you have a little mini movie. After you have done all those things… JUST PLAY!

100 Word challenge week 8

On a cold winter day a group of boy where adventuring into the woods. When all of a sudden there is a terrifying and deafening roar, followed by screams and explosions. So the boys run towards the sounds where a giant shadow shot past them into the darkness of a cave, when they turned around they saw burning trees and homes on fire, exploding cars and trucks. Then they saw a deep, dark cave with hissing and crackling sounds coming from inside. They walked towards  it where they saw blood red glowing eye’s  followed by a shadowy figure who pointed his finger at the boys. Where his pet dragon shot laser like fire straight at them…

BTN Beach Cricket Program

The Behind The News I did for this week was about a beach Cricket program. It is getting closer to summer and beach cricket is the number 1 beach sport. An Aussie foundation has set up a beach cricket program to encourage kids to come to school each day. All the kids out playing Beach cricket all day sounds like a hell of a lot of fun. This program is not just a bunch of old matches of beach cricket because many of these kids have traveled miles to be involved in this cricket tournament in Cable Beach in the WA. The foundation started 15 years ago, with 1 academy, but now there are 59 academy’s and over 3000 kids participating. This program is also good for kids who wish to become cricket athletes. As part of the program students get coached and play in practices matches, then after a while they get to play in the cricket tournament.

Mathsmate Question 22

Prediction: I predict that this will be about multiplication and numbers.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Question: The question shows a multiplication question but the first number is missing, behind it there is the rest of the equation, divided by 5 = 9. What is the missing number?

Mathematicians Tool Box: I used trial and error.

Answer: The missing number I got was 45.

BTN War Mission

The Behind the News I did for this week was based on the Iraq battle against Islamic states. Australian jet fighters and soldiers have been sent over to Iraq to fight and deal with a crazy rampaging group of people called Islamic States. Australia is not fighting this fight alone, but with America, the UK, France, Germany and many more nations. In 1901 Australia first became a nation and was involved in their first conflict which was the Boer War in South Africa.Australia has been involved in many other wars such as, World War 1, World War 2, the Korean war, the Vietnam war, the first Gulf War, Afghanistan and now the war in Iraq. But the Prime Minister is saying that this is not a war because of three reasons; we were asked to deal with Islamic states, to save Iraqi lives and we are doing the mission with other nations, so the way Australia is helping to deal with this group of people is by using Air Force jets to bomb the group and by sending over troops to deal with them face to face.

Mathsmate Question 24

Prediction: I predict that this will be about working out what each word means.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Question: The question is asking for you to write down what other meaning there is for these questions; Hangs on the wall, 7 days, 36 every hour, on your wrist, 60 seconds, 60 minutes and 1440 minutes. In the slot where you had to write the words had a line going down where you have to work out a secret word.

Mathematicians tool box: I used trial and error.

Answer: The words I got for each question where; clock, week, seconds, watch, minute, hour and day. The mystery word which I got was Centnry.

Read like a Writer

Today we learnt about read like a writer, all we had to do was get out literacy circles book and choose a paragraph out of it. My book was Hover Car Racer and my paragraph was

“As the giant clock above the Start-Finish line ticked from 2:59:59 to 3:00:00 and the last hover cars shot across the line to the cheers of the 80,000-strong crowd, the Argonaut, piloted by Chaser J, was at the bottom of the leader board. Jason pulled his beloved car to a halt in his pit bay and dropped his head. In the most important race of his life-in front of 80,000 people; in front of the most distinguished pair of spectators he would ever race in front of- Jason Chaser had come stone-cold last.

Next we had to write down the Idea of the story, the Organisation of the story, voice, word choice, sentence fluency and Conventions.

Ideas: The idea that the author ( Matthew Reilly ) thought of was the future of racing and the future of cars.

Organisation: The organisation that the author was created was really good because it starts of with Jason losing a gate race and then Jason got better and better.

Voice: The voice you would use to read this book would be intense, Frustrated and Angry.

Word Choice: The word choice the author used was really good and descriptive, for example: Speeding Bluing Bullets to describe the fast hover cars flying past the grand stands.

Sentence Fluency: The sentence fluency was perfect for the book because it was perfect and descriptive about the cars.

Conventions: The comments and questions that are in the book are very descriptive and good.

This is my goal reflection, we had to pick three of the 6 steps, I chose Ideas, Voice and word choice:

Goal Reflection: 

  1. Ideas: The reason I chose ideas is because I can maybe use the books idea as a setting and a topic that I could use if I was going to write my own story.
  2. Voice: I Chose voice because in most of my story’s it just has a regular voice while in more story’s I should use more different voice sounds to make it better.
  3. Word Choice: The reason I chose word choice is because Many of the words in Hover Car racer are very describing like Bluing  and many more that I could use in story’s I create.