BTN Women in World War 1

The Behind The News I did for this week was about women serving in World War 1. The 11th of November is known to us as Remembrance Day. On this day at 11 am people are asked to stop what they are doing and think about those who went and died in World War 1. On this day most people think of male soldiers who did all of the fighting but did you know that thousands of women who where nurses who put their lives on the line to assist us in World War 1. One women who was called Olive Hayse not only served as a nurse but survived World War 1. At the time women weren’t allowed to fight but even though they knew that they could be killed or wounded, they still wanted to help. Nurses like Olive traveled all over the battle fields to treat the sick and wounded. During the war the conditions where really tough and most of the time the medics didn’t have the right equipment and many died from sickness and injury. Olive went to France in 1916 where most of the fighting happened. They faced lots of dangers because they where close to the battlefields. Back home women took over many jobs that men would have done to help in the war. In 1917 Olive married a soldier and in 1918 she was finally allowed to come home from the battles of World War 1.

Mathsmate question 24

Prediction: I predict that this will be about multiplying numbers.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Question: The question shows a multiplication equation which shows this: 2?6 x 3 = ?3?. So what is the equation?

Mathematitions tool box: I used trial the error.

Answer: I got this as my answer: 246 x 3 = 738

Mathsmate question 24

Prediction: I predict that this will be about working out what numbers go in each slot.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Question: The question shows a equation which has some missing numbers. The equation is 1?9 x 6 = ?5? what are the missing digits?

Mathematitions tool box: I used trial and error.

Answer: in the end I got as my  109 x 6 = 654

100 Word Challenge week 10

On a dark and stormy night a family where out camping when they heard something outside the tent. The whole family peeped their heads out of the zip and saw a large fury thing, as it shivered, the family had to get a closer look to see what is was. Suddenly they all realized that it was a bear! As they got some defenses like pots and pans they shined a torch on it, then the dad realized it was not anything scary but it was their puppy “Fred” who was sleeping outside.

BTN Music Education

The Behind the News I did for this week was about Music Education. Did you know that there is a government group who decides what you learn at school. Recently they did a review and agreed that a few areas should be changed. One of these areas was the arts programs. They thought that it would be a good decision because they think students should learn more music than drama and dance. The whole point of getting the students to learn more music is to get them excited about playing an instrument and to get the teachers to do more music lessons at school. Music is just one of the many subjects students learn at school. Music comes under the category of art along with drama, dance, visual arts and media arts. Do you think that kids should learn more about music and less of the other arts like drama and dance?

Mathsmate Question 22

Prediction: I predict that this will be about  dividing numbers.

Clarify: nothing to Clarify.

Question: The Question shows a equation which is 36 divided by ? = 4. so I had to work out what was the missing number.

Answer: I got 9 as my answer.