GTAC Visit, lesson 5

On Thursday the 12th of July GTAC came to do their final lesson with us. Our goal for the lesson was, to conduct a fair test to explore the concept of rusting. Our first task was to say what we think rusting is so I said “Rusting is when something like metal, has been put into a certain type of water, so the metal would start turning brown and bumpy which will make it rust away.” Them we had to draw up a table in our books which had 4 columns going down the page, after we drew up our page we started doing our first experiment.

The materials we had to use were one tall and thin beaker filled with water, a tablet called Alka-seltzer, one medium sized beaker, a small beaker and a hand full of sand. First we pored the water from the beaker into the medium sized beaker, then we pored the sand into the medium sized beaker, and finally placed the alka-seltzer tablet into the beaker and watched it. After a few seconds is had dissolved  it has made the sand dissolve and it smelled like lemon juice and looked like lemon juice.

Then Chris said for us to walk around the room clock-wires to look at other the other groups results, some results were clear, others had used vinegar instead of water, one group didn’t use the sand that was there and one group used a completely different thing instead of a tall thin beaker. So there were lots of different results instead of one result. Our second activity was the same but we had to time of how long the alka- seltzer to dissolve in certain water temperatures, the temperatures we tried were hot water, warm water, room temperature water and cold water.

We had room temperature water, the amount of time it took the alka-seltzer to disintegrate in room temp water was 45 seconds.

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