Multi-age literacy activity

On Thursday the 28th of August we had to go to another classroom to do some multi-age book week activity’s. The book that we did it on was called Barnaby and red chook. It was about a dog who lived on a farm and his job was to round up all of the chickens after they had a run around but one chook called red didn’t move from her favorite spot on top of the wood pile. So Barnaby jumped and knocked the wood over sending red flying into the air.

The next day Barnaby went searching for red and found her dead in the sheep yard. When Barnaby forced red of the wood pile he had caused her to have a heart attack, so he took red back to his kennel and lied down around her to keep her warm. After three days red came back to life and got better, in the end she and Barnaby became best friends. The activity we did was making a chicken run which is a long fenced area where chooks and chickens get to run crazily around the place in it.

We had to trace our hand on a piece of paper and add a beak where out thumb was and then do another side of the chook and then scrunch up bits of paper and stuff them in the middle of the chicken and staple them together. After they were stapled we had to decorate and add feathers on them. After we had done that we had to make our own designee of feet that make the chook stand up. Then we had to stick them onto the base that we where going to use as the base of the chicken run. after we had stuck them on we had to do the fence surrounding the chickens so they don’t get out, but that bit we didn’t get to do.

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