Reflection on Orientation day at high school.

On the 9th of December all of the year 6’s from M.P.P.S, including me went to orientation day at our high schools. The high school which I had orientation day was at Coburg High School,, another person from my primary school who is also a good friend of mine called Angus. When we arrived we had to go up and get our name tags which also said what class we were in. When I received my name tag I was in class 7C, but when I was lining up a saw an old friend of mine who used to go to my primary school, his name was Deter.

After all the future year 7’s arrived and got their name tags the principle called us all to sit down and wait for our teachers to come and get us. Once we got into our classrooms we could start orientation day at high school. My teaches name was Theo. The first three sessions we did where little games to get to know each other. One of the activity’s was that we had to get into circles and get a partner and tell them about yourself.

After recess we had Geography but the session was a game where it would put you in a random place in the world and you have to mark it on a world map. The whole class worked together and our total was (A-). Then we had maths where we had to try and make a rectangular prism using all the big Lego blocks that we were given. Our group managed to make it. Then we had English, we had to do and make poems based on a poem called “10 things my parents would never say” I did mine on my teacher.

After that it was lunch time. Then after we finished that we had our last two sessions of the day which were P.E and Music. We had a VERY sweaty P.E lesson and during that I thought I locked myself in the restrooms when I went to the toilet. Then we had a LOUD session of music which also went for one and a half hours. We got to listen to a performance and then we all went to different rooms with different instruments inside them, I went into the Guitar, Bass and Drum music room, because I play the bass in primary school. Also in high school I am thinking of forming a band with my friend Angus who wants to play the drums. That is my recount of orientation day.

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