100 Word Challenge week 15

On a cold summer night a boy called Jeff was heading for a BIG christmas party that he was invited to. When he arrived he could hear loud booming music from behind the walls. As he opened the door and walked into a massive celebration he spotted something in the far corner where nobody was dancing. So Jeff walked over to see what it was. It was a little, nervous, strange red person. Jeff said to it “What is wrong, little dude?” Then the person raised his head and said he was a lost elf who was stuck inside the party.

100 word challenge

It was Halloween night when I spotted a very scary looking haunted house. At the front door there was a sign saying “YOU WILL DIE IN HERE” but i wasn’t afraid of a house with decorations on it. When I knocked on the door and said “trick or treat” but then a hand dragged me inside! I was at a table when a zombie servant came in and said “You should have never came here on this night”. Then all of a sudden the house shook and then started sinking!! We got too the door and jumped out in the nick of time!

100 Word challenge week 8

On a cold winter day a group of boy where adventuring into the woods. When all of a sudden there is a terrifying and deafening roar, followed by screams and explosions. So the boys run towards the sounds where a giant shadow shot past them into the darkness of a cave, when they turned around they saw burning trees and homes on fire, exploding cars and trucks. Then they saw a deep, dark cave with hissing and crackling sounds coming from inside. They walked towards  it where they saw blood red glowing eye’s  followed by a shadowy figure who pointed his finger at the boys. Where his pet dragon shot laser like fire straight at them…

100 Word Challenge week 2

“But it is yellow, and it is a Lamborghini” Jeff said to the car seller in a angry voice. “This car is aerodynamic and very fast, it can reach speeds of 500 km an hour!'” Jack said in reply “BUT I HATE YELLOW!” Jeff screamed back. “Why don’t you take her out for a spin and see how good this she is?” Jack insisted. “Fine” Jeff said, after Jeff left to try the car Jack had to wait more than 5 hours until he returned. When Jeff pulled up he was so persuaded and said in a super fast voice “I WILL TAKE IT!”

100 Word Challenge week 1

In the depths of hell, a armored night called Jack had defeated the tenth boss in his world, but the hardest, most powerful and destructive boss still remained, The Wall Of Bones. The only way to summon it was in hell with a bone. He was already in hell and he had a bone with him. All he had to do was throw the bone into lava and the boss would awake. So he threw it in and suddenly the wall of bones raised from the depths of hell. “Finally, we can make a start” Suddenly a sword clashed the wall.

100 Word Challenge week 38

It was an exciting day for a happy family who were going to have a vacation at their favourite holiday home. The house was on top of a suspicious looking hill but they didn’t mind the warmth that the house had. When they arrived, the house was even warmer than it normally was. After they unpacked the child asked, “Dad, are we on top of a volcano? because it is far too hot!”

Everyone got outside to look at the house when suddenly there was a bang as the house became a blazing inferno fireball.

100 Word Challenge 37

Brazil was hosting the Soccer World Cup in the most famous stadium in the world. Meanwhile in the jungle a Blue Macaw was bored with nothing to do, but then an idea popped into his head. “Maybe I can steal the World Cup Soccer ball for FUN!”

Back at the stadium, Australia were up against England. The scores were five all with ten minutes left. The Blue Macaw swooped in and flew straight for the flying ball. He clutched it with his claws and flew away. Then the commentator said “That is surprising but that’s what happens in Brazil when you mess with birds!”

100 Word Challenge Week 36

One Wednesday afternoon a farmer was going into the city to get some milk for his wife and son. On the way there someone suddenly screamed “THERE’S AN ASTEROID HEADING TOWARDS THE FARMS!” So the Farmer swerved around and sped back to his home. When he arrived there was a giant chocolate creme egg in his yard. Suddenly a army of military troops swarmed the house. Then they realised it was from the planet Creme Egg, the Colonel announced the all clear. They didn’t know what to do with the egg so they got some hot chocolates and started eating it.

100 word challenge week 35

In New York City two men called Jack and Fred were walking around. It was a pitch black, cold night. Suddenly they found a destroyed building. As they walked towards the building there was a terrifying roar as the long lost Godzilla came back from the dead. He had a whip like tail covered in spikes, spines like daggers on his back and a head full of dagger like teeth. So they started running towards an abandoned airfield when suddenly Godzilla started  stomping towards them. As they ran through the gateway they spotted a Helicopter and jumped into it. They started taking off as Godzilla blew up the airfield.

100 Word Challenge week 34

In a spooky dark garden there was a haunted house with gravestones all around it. Inside the house a scared little boy who was trying to escape the darkness. As he searched room after room he was chased by ghosts and got terrified when zombies started banging on the windows. Then suddenly he entered a room which had a angel made of pure light, “Um excuse me”  the boy asked ” but where could I go to get out?. “If you go through that door to your left, that is the way out” He dashed to the door and escaped the haunted house.