The Five Big Questions: Deltora Quest, The Valley of the Lost

Big Question #1: What makes this book good?

The reason that Deltora Quest is a very good book is because it has monsters, magic, action, intense running scenes and a Big Adventure across the land of Deltora Searching for the seven long lost stones from the Belt of Deltora.

 Big Question #2: What could make this book better?

Some things I think could make this book better is maybe to describe some more things like objects and maybe some more description of some of the guardians hideouts in Deltora and maybe some more description of the shadow lands.

Big Question #3: What’s the one most important thing the author wants you to know?

I think the most important thing in the book is to know what the characters need to achieve which is saving their land.

Big Question #4: Why did the writer write this?

I think the reason the writer rote this is because some kids like lots of action, adventure and a bit of horror story’s. I think the reason to read them is because it is to entertain.

Big Question #5: What dose the audience need to know to understand the enjoy this book?

I think the audience need to know the story line and what the goal that the characters need to acheve.

5 Big Questions: How To Get Fabulously Rich

1. What makes this book good?

I liked the story line because it is always in a new place after each chapter and not in the one place through the whole book. Because new things would happen and if in the one place it would be very boring.

2. What would make this book better?

Maybe the author should have added some more dramatic events like if billy lost his money or his lottery ticket. Instead of billy keeping his money safe.

3. What’s the one most important thing the author wants us to know? 

The main thing the author wants us to know is that if you get a lottery ticket there is a really big chance you would have wasted your money on a ticket which you have won nothing from.

4. Why did the writer write this?

The author wrote this because he wants us to know that people waste money on lottery tickets when they hardly win anything from it. It is the same as Tatslotto machines when you bet on something and you lose everything.

5. What dose the audience need to understand and enjoy the book?

The audience need to understand that in billy’s life all he wants is money and when you have got so much of it your luck run’s out and you lose it all.

Reading Reflection

The book I am reading is called the Lord of the Rings. I am reading the part when Gondor got attacked by the army of Orcs, trolls and Nazguls which people call the winged shadow. The army of Rohan came to help Gondor, but the Orcs had very strong holds  on Gondor as they had Trolls, Nazguls and GIANT ELEPHANTS, which they call Olephants,  which can crush a man on a horse. Gondor and Rohan had deathless ghosts that live in a dark cave and if someone enters they don’t come out. When the Orcs were attacking the city, the men were very scared and if I was one of the guards then I would be scared to. When the men of Rohan were riding down the hill,  the King was lost to the Nazgul.  The rider of the Nazgul got stabed in the head by Merry, the hobbit, who didn’t know he would even survive the war as he thought he would die in battle.