Cambera Camp Reflection

Day 1

On the 24th of the 11th the 5/6’s where going on our last camp, which was up to Cambera. On Monday morning we had to be at school at 6:45 am in the morning to prepare, pack the buses and any other things we had to do before we set off. After a while we where all ready so we got on the bus and left at 7:00 am but we had a very long trip ahead of us, we had to be on the bus for 10 hours with only 3 stops.

On our first stop we had morning tea and then hit the road again, the second stop we had was in a town which was involved in a submarine battle, so in the middle of the town there was an actual submarine in the earth, during that stop we had our lunch and then set off again. Our final stop where we had afternoon tea was at a petrol station. Then we where on the bus for the final 2 and a half hours and then we finally got to Camp Cotter mouth/ our camp which we where staying at.

When we pulled up we got a good look at the camp, it had lots of cabins, a meeting hall/ where we had breakfast and dinner, a soccer pitch with a volley ball court and then in front of the cabins there was a basket ball court. When we got all of our stuff off the buses we where told what cabin we where in, I was in cabin 9 with Luca, Tom  and Bryse. Then after we had our dinner we had a fun activity in the hall called Red Faces. This was a comedy game where people went on a stage and did lots of wacky things, that was hosted by Angus and Declan. All of the people which made us laugh where either soloists, groups of 3 or 4 or really big groups which could have had 3 or 4 cabin groups in them. At 9:00 or 9:30 we had to finish up and go to bed.

Day 2

I woke up at 6:45 am but we couldn’t leave our cabins until the teachers told us to. At 7:00 am the teachers came around waking us up and telling us to get ready for breakfast. Then at 7:15 the breakfast/dinner bell went of telling bus to come to the hall for breakfast. We had bacon and eggs on toast with hash browns After that we had to go back to our cabins or we could hang around outside. We all chose to hang outside. A lot of us got out some basket balls and started shooting some hoops. When the time was 8:00 am we got ready to go to the Embassy (78). After we finished there we went to the Nation IL Museum of Cambera. That museum was all about the history of Cambera. Most of the history we learnt was all about the Government and all things related to that. When we finished there we went to the National film and sound Archive which was all about when Australia started making movies, so it was a museum with lots of filming and sound stuff, some of us even got to work one of the really old recorders, when we saw everything our tour guide told us that when we started making movies we just kept upgrading each year.

After we left the movie museum we headed for a bucket load of science at Questicon. Questicon is like a really big Science Works but with a lot more science and a lot more fun. There where loads of inventions there like 4 player ice hockey, a smock machine, a storm generator and many more massive wonders, but first we went to the gift shop where I got my two souvenir’s which where two Nano Block sets, they where a drum kit and an Acoustic Guitar.

Then we headed back for our camp and then we had dinner, but after dinner we had our next activity at night, we got to go to the AIS/ Australian, Institute of Sport and got to swim in the pool. We left camp at 7:30 to get there on time. When we got there we where seated beside the the pool and where told to get into our bathers. During that all of the teachers started handing out swimming caps. When we reseaved them I said “After we finish in the pool, our heads will literally be flat, smooth domes, because these things are really tight. Then we dived into an hour of fun. In the pool a bunch of kids including me got a ball and played a match of Markers up and every time I tried to catch the ball I would either get slammed face first into the water of be needed in the back. Then we finished and went back to camp and went straight to bed.

Day 3

We woke up and got ready to head to the Electrical Education Center. After we spent a few hours there we went to the Old Parliament house which we got to go into the house of Representatives/the green house. After we finished there we went to the Australian War Memorial. Inside the Memorial there where Weapons, suits, machines, planes, tanks, submarines and any more things that were used in all of the wars Australia was involved in. Then we went to the center of the Memorial where we saw the Pool of reflections, the never ending flame and all the names of people who went to war and didn’t come back. Then we listened to the Last Post Ceremony.

Then we finished there and went to the Black Mountain where we went i to the Telstra tower where we got to go on the observation deck and over look the city of cambera but it was SO WINDY!!!! Then we went back to camp and went to bed.

Day 4

The second last day at camp! and boy was it packed with activity’s but first we went to the NEW Parliament house where we saw debates in action, and the palace like stairs that were made of marble. Then we went to the CSIRO which was like Questicon but with more science to it. We did a few activity’s there and then we went to the AIS where we played a bunch of sports which where very fun and to me one of them was VERY dizzy. Then we went back to camp where we had our MOVIE NIGHT! we got popcorn and watched “Mr Peabody and Sherman” which went to 9:30 and then wen went to bed.

Day 5

The last day with the 10 hour trip home, we had to wake up at 5 o’clock and pack, then after we finished breakfast we got on the buses and left for Melbourne. After 10 hours on the bus with a few stops we got back to school and when we arrived a knew when every body got home they would crash and burn in tiredness. That is my reflection of our Camp at Cambera.

Shipwreack coast Warrnabool Camp Reflection

On Tuesday the 26th of November all the 5/6’s left for our camp in Warrnabool. When we were on the bus everybody was very excited. Before we made our first stop we went to a aboriginal museum and learnt about aboriginal plants and got to throw REAL Boomerangs. A while later we had made our first bit stop, We had our recess and went to the toilet and we were off again. We got to watch a movie which was Monsters University and we made our second stop where we had lunch and had a play at the playground then we were of again. Finally we got to the Motel we got put into our rooms. The number of our room was 54 on the GIRL SIDE! instead of the boy side. Also I got no one on my list of room mates in my cabin. I got Alex and Angus.

In our room we had a small kitchen, TV, double bed and two single beds. The rooms were good but the room mates were really bad but I liked Alex in my room. On day one we got up and had our breakfast and then went to the Flagstaff hill museum where we learnt about a famous sailing ship called the Locard  which sank on the shipwreck coast where a whole bunch of other ships sank. Then after that we went to our buffet dinner and then had a trivia night and then went to bed. On the morning of day two we went back to the Flagstaff hill and saw what the villages looked like when the Locard sank and then went to the adventure park where A whole bunch of people including myself made a ride which is a big swing and we put two people on it and swung it so hard that it went vertical and almost went upside down!!!!!! 

Day three was our last day of activity’s first we went rock pooling where we saw starfish,dead birds and a seal. But getting onto a safe and steady rock was tricky I almost fell in at one point. Then we went fishing where two giant sting rays came through. It was my first time fishing and I really enjoyed it even tho I didn’t catch anything it was still very fun. After that we had lunch and then my group went for a walk along the pier where we was wallaby’s even we saw two a few centimeters away from us. we went to see a nineteen feet high light house. then we went to have dinner at the buffet and then we went back to the motel to have a DISCO! Where we were doing best guitar players and best dressed and all that and I was doing some rock air guitar moves I could think of.

Then on Friday our last day we had breakfast and then started to pack for our long trip back to school. When we started heading back we made lots of stops at our first stop we went to a place where the REAL Locard sank and where the survivors found land. Then we stopped to see the 12 Apostles where it looked like that another one was forming to break away. Then we traveled a bit on the bus and after that we made our final stop where we had lunch and had a play before we started our big trip back. On the way we watched Despicable Me 2 before we made our lunch stop where we had a play as well. Then we started watching Shrek 2. When it finished we were back at school. There was chaos, excitement and lots of talking. When I finally got off, I got my luggage and had everything in my hands. I finally found my mum waiting for me with my dog Alfie. That is what happened at camp and  I hope you enjoyed.