Muvimp Concert Reflection

On Wednesday night 4 schools joined together to play in front of a crowd of 300 parents. I was one of 7 or 8 bass players. I was one of 3 bass players at my school Mooney Ponds Primary School but one bass player did not attend the concert. Last year in the concert I was dead last so I was sitting on a small seat for 3 hours but this time the drummers and bass players were first for the concert. Before my 2 preforms there were 2 songs before mine they were When the saints go marching in and Sesame street then my song was Another One Bites The Dust then Becky’s Blues and then there were the strings. Then there were the brass which are trombone and trumpet. Then the saxophone and woodwind. Then I played my last song which was Billy Jean but there were 3 other bass players in it along with me and Rebecca. When we were playing I was mainly keeping the song in time and tune. After that all the Drummers joined to play a song called Guns which was VERY loud. Then after that the concert was finished by the band which played Funk City Jam Time, DR Rock The James Bond Theme, Quiet Moments and then a song with singers, piano player and an electric guitarist all playing Your’re The Voice. Then when they finished we did some Raffles and finished the night. That is my reflection on the Muvimp concert.