Reflection on Orientation day at high school.

On the 9th of December all of the year 6’s from M.P.P.S, including me went to orientation day at our high schools. The high school which I had orientation day was at Coburg High School,, another person from my primary school who is also a good friend of mine called Angus. When we arrived we had to go up and get our name tags which also said what class we were in. When I received my name tag I was in class 7C, but when I was lining up a saw an old friend of mine who used to go to my primary school, his name was Deter.

After all the future year 7’s arrived and got their name tags the principle called us all to sit down and wait for our teachers to come and get us. Once we got into our classrooms we could start orientation day at high school. My teaches name was Theo. The first three sessions we did where little games to get to know each other. One of the activity’s was that we had to get into circles and get a partner and tell them about yourself.

After recess we had Geography but the session was a game where it would put you in a random place in the world and you have to mark it on a world map. The whole class worked together and our total was (A-). Then we had maths where we had to try and make a rectangular prism using all the big Lego blocks that we were given. Our group managed to make it. Then we had English, we had to do and make poems based on a poem called “10 things my parents would never say” I did mine on my teacher.

After that it was lunch time. Then after we finished that we had our last two sessions of the day which were P.E and Music. We had a VERY sweaty P.E lesson and during that I thought I locked myself in the restrooms when I went to the toilet. Then we had a LOUD session of music which also went for one and a half hours. We got to listen to a performance and then we all went to different rooms with different instruments inside them, I went into the Guitar, Bass and Drum music room, because I play the bass in primary school. Also in high school I am thinking of forming a band with my friend Angus who wants to play the drums. That is my recount of orientation day.

The Five Facts of Fiction: Deltora Quest, the Valley of the Lost

Fact#1: Fiction is all about the character.

The book I am reading is called Deltora Quest, The Valley of the Lost. The main character in the book is called Leif. There are three series of books about it; I am reading the last book of from the from the first chapter of books in that series. It is about; Leif lives in a kingdom called Deltora but they have to protect it from the shadow lord, but the shadow lord steels the protection of Del, The Belt of Deltora which processes seven powerful stones and hides them all around the land guarded by evil spirits. So Leif teams up with a night called Barda and a wild girl called Jasmine. Leif is adventures, brave, dark blond hair, fast and encouraging to save his homeland from evil.

Fact#2: Fiction is all about what your character wants.

All Leif wants is to save the land of Deltora, defeat the shadow lord and to save his parents from an evil fate in the dungeons.

Fact#3: Fiction is all about how your character gets or does not get what he wants.

The only was Leif and his companions can get what they need is by defeating evil and terrifying guardians to get the seven stones from the belt of Deltora. The stones that they need are a Topaz, A Ruby, A Opal, A Lapis Lazuli, An Emerald, An Amethyst and a great and powerful Diamond.

Fact#4: Fiction is all about how your character changes.

After each guardian they defeat he gets stronger, braver, adventures and more encouraging to his friends.

Fact#5: Fiction is all about a world an author creates.

The world that Leif lives in is made up of two parts, one half is the land of Deltora while the other half is the shadow lords lands of terror and full of evil. While on the Deltora half the guardian’s hideouts which are scattered across the land.

The Five Big Questions: Deltora Quest, The Valley of the Lost

Big Question #1: What makes this book good?

The reason that Deltora Quest is a very good book is because it has monsters, magic, action, intense running scenes and a Big Adventure across the land of Deltora Searching for the seven long lost stones from the Belt of Deltora.

 Big Question #2: What could make this book better?

Some things I think could make this book better is maybe to describe some more things like objects and maybe some more description of some of the guardians hideouts in Deltora and maybe some more description of the shadow lands.

Big Question #3: What’s the one most important thing the author wants you to know?

I think the most important thing in the book is to know what the characters need to achieve which is saving their land.

Big Question #4: Why did the writer write this?

I think the reason the writer rote this is because some kids like lots of action, adventure and a bit of horror story’s. I think the reason to read them is because it is to entertain.

Big Question #5: What dose the audience need to know to understand the enjoy this book?

I think the audience need to know the story line and what the goal that the characters need to acheve.

GTAC Reflection

On the 6th of May scientists from a place called Gtac came here for us. We had a two hour lesson with them. The people who came were called Chris and Maria and they had a lot in store for us. Our goal for the lesson was to discover why Solids and Liquids behave differently. Then were where put into groups of six and had to discus our first task, which was to move a chunk of Play dough from one beaker to another beaker, but we couldn’t touch it with our hands we could only use a plastic cup to move it and tongs to lift it. My group didn’t go so well but we had three more activity’s to go.

Our next activity was basically the same as our first one except we had to get a foam cup from one beaker to the other but we had to transport it in a plastic cup. So we had to smash it to pieces, but we had to have all the particles. My team went quite good on this one. Our next activity was pretty much the same again, but this time we had to get an elastic band from one beaker to the other using a foam cup. This time we went really good. we couldn’t put it into the cup so we put it around and cups base.

Our final activity was very fun and quite hilarious. We had to bunch up inside a roped circle and then we had to act like we were a liquid and a solid. First we had to act out being a solid, so we had to bunch up until we were squished and were tightly packed together. We also had to join hands which got so tight my arms and hands went numb. Then we had to act like Chris was pushing us separating us. When he did it some people tripped and almost fell over after he did it.

So after that we had to act like a liquid so we had to move around and act all jiggly. Then Chris said we had to act like we were a liquid being tipped out of a beaker. This part of the activity was really funny. We had to act out being tipped over and we had to do it in slow motion. While we did it people including myself fell over and almost hit the tables, so when one person fell, five more would fall to. After that we had to sit back down and listen to Chris and Maria.

We started talking about solids, Gasses, Liquids and plasma. It was really interesting to talk about, we talked about different types of gasses like flammable ones like helium and gasses on the Sun. There were alot of questions that wanted to be answered about gasses. After that we started talking about solids and liquids, so we started talking about our goal for the lesson. So then we started reflecting on our goal. Which was to find out why Solids and Liquids behave differently. After that we started having a big conversation about Plasma. You can only find it in outer space, on planets such as Saturn and Jupiter. It is very rare to find plasma on earth because on earth there is already has gasses, solids and liquids on this planet but you might find that stuff on different planets?  After we finished talking about all of the different states of matter we finished up the lesson.

Australian Federal Parliament Representation

In this reflection I will be telling you about the State Government and the Federation. Also I will talk about the state houses and the government state members.

This pie graph is showing how many representatives go to each meeting to discuss laws and stuff like that.


This pie graph shows how many members are in the different states of Australia that work for the government. Also they represent that state which they are from in meeting and other stuff.


This was a fun and interesting project that we did. Most of us had learnt a lot more about Federation and Government. Some of the things we learnt about were what the number of members that are in different states and we learnt what the representatives houses are called and what the three levels of government are.


Home from theSwimming carnival

On Tuesday the 11 of February It was the school swimming carnival. Except I couldn’t go because a strained my left ankle VERY badly and I could hardly walk on it! So I spent the day at home. Except I couldn’t do lots of fun stuff I  had to do work and music all day. First I had to do literacy planet which wouldn’t load properly so I did it on my school Net book. Then I did Piano practice for half an hour. Then I had lunch and watched three Top Gear shows which were awesome and quite funny.

Then I did Bass practice for half an hour. Then I had to clean out my Lego room which looked like a atomic bomb had hit in there! My Lego was everywhere!  After about forty five mins of working I was done. Except I was sweating because there in no air conditioner in there. So My mum let me put one of her fans in there to cool me down. Then I was done for the day. Also I made My own Lego version of the fastest steam train in the world, The Flying Scotsman. That was my day at home from the swimming carnival.