Mathematic question 23

Prediction: I predict that this will be about multiplication skills

Clarify: Nothing to clarify

Question: The question is asking you if a square is 60 cm how big would a rectangle be?

Mathematicians tool box: I used trial and error.

Answer: The way I got my answer was doubling the 60 so it was two squares joined together so I got 120cm.

100 Word Challenge week 14

On a lovely day on the ocean a ship called the Star Flyer was sailing for Ireland. On the last day of the trip a crew member noticed on the radar that there was a really bad storm coming. As the darkness of the night fell across the sea, the storm started to form but beneath the water a Megaladon was circling the ship. Then it decided the boat was a whale so it rammed it from underneath causing the ship to snap in half. The next morning the ship was found rusting on the beach, there where no survivors.

Read like a writer

That the three companions Leif, Barda and Jasmine are going on on a adventure all around their land, Deltora seeking 7 great and powerful gems and facing horrifying monsters. The ideas that the author had put into the book is really interesting  and action packed. The emotions that Leif has during the books were scared, alert, painful and at a couple of points, happy. The author uses normal words but at a few points the author uses completely different words describing things in the book. The sentence fluency in this book are a little bit hard to understand at a few points while some sentences are very short others are huge. The conventions the author used were lots of question marks and excitation marks which makes a really good action packed adventure story.

Balloon Race

On a hot sunny day there was the sound of cheering as the church bell rang. It was the annual hot air balloon race day. The main part of the day was to see which balloon flew the fastest and looked the coolest. Some balloons were made up of three balloons, others were made up of two and most were just one balloon on its own. Accept the one which flew fastest and looked the coolest would win the golden and silver hot air balloon trophy. All the balloons were tied to the ground ready to be launched. Then a man cried over the loudspeaker “Drop your sand bags in 3… 2… 1… GO” he screamed as the balloons floated up into the sky.

 But there was no wind to make the balloons drift across the land so they just floated upwards. As they gained altitude the gas exhaust got hotter making them go faster. “Quick release the sandbags to drop!” screamed a balloon rider but someone in the lead cried back “NEVER! I am winning this thing!” “Have it your way then!” the other balloon rider cried back as they floated above the clouds. Then the earth became smaller like a globe. When they were about to float into outer space the leader screamed “GO DOWN GO DOWN NOW!”. So they made a competition of who ever could get back down to the earth the fastest would win the race. The suddenly all of the balloons gas exhausts exploded causing all of the baskets to plummet back to earth.

Pretty much all of the balloons would land in the sea below and would float to the shore. Meanwhile still falling to the earth the baskets past a few helicopters and planes. Soon the town the the ocean were in site when a pilot screamed “THE PARACHUTES, USE THEM QUICKLY!” But one balloon crew who were still falling had no parachutes on them. But then they were thinking it was all over they landed on a airplane’s wing. Then out of the silence a crew member asked “anybody want to go to Hawaii or Queensland for vacation?” then they all had a good joke about it when suddenly the the trophy appeared in their basket, so they all cried “We won the race!” So they enjoyed their glorious victory in Hawaii while having a couple of beers to drink while they were on vacation.

Henry C. Lee Forensic scientist project.

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The forensic scientist I have studied is Dr Henry C. Lee. Dr Lee is one of the most famous forensic scientists in the world. He was born on the 22 of November in 1938 in Rugao City which is in China. Dr Lee was the eleventh child of thirteen children. At a young age his father died on a cruse ship that was called the Taiping which sank in 1949. Dr Lee and his family fled to a country called Taiwan. He never attended University but graduated at the Central Police College. Dr Lee first worked for the Taipei police Department Where he became a captain. He moved to the U.S.A with his wife in 1965. In 1972 he qualified as a forensic scientist and started studying biochemistry at New York University. Then he became a forensic scientist.

Dr Lee has been a forensic scientist for over 40 years. He has assisted in the investigations of more than 6,000 cases. Dr Lee has investigated some very famous cases. He helped solve the Washington DC Sniper shootings and was asked to re investigate the assassination of President John F Kennedy who was killed 50 years ago in America. In 2003 he was consulted as a blood splatter analyst during the trial of Michael Peterson who killed his wife Kathleen Peterson. He has also investigated war crimes in countries called Bosnia and Croatia. Dr Lee once solved a murder where there was no body. Altogether Dr Lee has worked in 46 countries helping to solve crimes.

As well as his forensic work, Dr Lee has taught as a professor at more than a dozen universities, law schools. and medical schools. He has written or helped to write more than 40 books on areas such as fingerprints and DNA. His textbooks are used in the medical and forensic professions. Also he has his own TV show Trace Evidence and he has appeared in other Tv shows and movies.

Dr Lee has his own website where he talks about his most famous cases.

For his many years of outstanding forensic work Dr Lee has received many medals and awards.

He and his wife have been married for 40 long years and they have two grown children.

The two sites I looked at to find information out about Dr Lee were doing a google search and looking on Dr Lee’s website.

mathsmate problem 22

Prediction: I predict this will be about adding blocks.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Question: The question is asking how many blocks are in the whole block total.

Answer: First you count the blocks you can see and then work out the number of blocks that you can’t see. Then you get 17 blocks.

Summary: I think this was a challenging question but you can solve it in the end.



Q: What is an infographic?

A: A visual image of data.My A: A visual program which you make graphs and data on

Some of the problems we encountered along the way were

A: Trying to get the graphs working.

What we did to over come these were

A: Work as a team and work quicker.

What worked with our infographs was

A: Was doing the work and not slacking.

What I can improve upon is


Below are our graphs

Holiday Reflection

During the holidays I learned two things which was to use a schedule to organize all of my things. I also learned to play proper Basket Ball with only five people and to work as a team in games and not to get annoyed when you don’t get a goal.

When I was organizing my things during the holidays I didn’t just plan every thing to do in just two days. For example I went to watch the football on Saturday then I went to Luna Park on Sunday for the day!

Also another thing I learnt during the holidays was not to get a bit mad when you are playing a team sport and the other team gets all the goals. because when I came down to practice Basket Ball some of my friends who play the game were there and we played a match, but we almost lost because the other team was smashing us and on the inside I started getting angry. So those were the two things I learnt during the holidays

Maths Reflection on 2D and 3D shapes

2D + 3D shapes: Properties and connections

Near the end of term three we all started learning more about 3D and 2D  shapes. Some things we learnt about them were the Length, Width and Depth and those are some of the most important things we learnt about 3D shapes.  We also made some 3D shapes out of 2D shapes and it was quite tricky to do. For example we had to measure all of the parts of the shape and then to make the actual shape itself. Before I started learning more about those key points about 3D shapes I hardly was an expert on it but I know some things about it but now I know lots about it.

Some things I know about it is all the shapes what to use to make them and lots of other things about 3D shapes. Also another thing I learnt about was what congruent means which means it is the same width, length and depth.

Mathsmate question 24


I predict this will be about working out what the letters stand for in numbers.


Nothing to clarify.


The question is asking what the letters A, B, C and D represent in numbers to add to the answer 2968.


The way you get the answer is by using the right tools to get the answer. The three D’s need to add up to 8 and you add three six’s which is 18 and you carry the 1 to the next column to add to that to. Then you work out what the three C’s are the they are 5’s. You add them together to get 15 and add the 1 to make 16 and you carry the 1 again. Then you add the 1 to the next two numbers which are 4’s. You add them together to get 8 and then add 1 again to get 9. Then finally you work out what A is and it in 2 and then you have your answer.