valedictorian speech

Good evening parents, teachers and fellow year 6 students. My name is James Trembath and this is my valedictorian speech. From prep to grade 6 there have been some fantastic moments and some crummy ones too. During the school year there have been camps, excursions and any other events that have inspired us to do the best we can during our time at school. MPPS have always encouraged their students to study hard but also to do things they like such as drawing, playing sport and even playing an musical instrument. One moment which has inspired me so much, is when I was chosen to be the only bass guitar player to go to the MVIMP camp and play in the combined band at the MVIMP concert. During the bus trip to Bacchus Marsh, where music camp was being held, I was very worried that I would stuff up and make mistakes during practise and the concert, even thought I made one little stuff up I just kept playing. The one thing I learnt at MVIMP camp was when you practise really hard, you can be really proud of yourself when you get people coming up to you to tell you what a great job you did. During the MPPS percussion band performance I was involved as a drummer where we played a tune. During my second solo the rubber tip of the drum sticks I was using came off, started bouncing around on the drum and then went flying onto the floor. When I saw that the end of the drumstick was missing, and one of the music teachers from the other schools started chasing it around, I had to try not to start laughing and stuff up the rest of the song.

Another funny thing which happened to me during the 3/4 Sovereign Hill camp. I was at the creek mining for gold and I wanted to get across without having to go all the way back, so I spotted some rocks and started walking across them to get to the other side, but at the half way point I slipped and went flying into the creek.

During the past 7 years I have had these teachers; Lee R; she was my prep teacher and she was really sweet and a really good teacher to introduce me to MPPS, Nicole M; she was my grade 1 teacher and she was also really sweet, Lara; she was my grade 2 teacher and she was really encouraging, Antony B; who was my grade 3 teacher he would explain the topic really well and would help me whenever I needed help, Beth M; she was my grade 4 teacher she was really sweet and helpful and last Lee P; who was my grade 5 and 6 teacher he was really encouraging and made sure we understood what the topic was before he moved on.

MPPS has been really good for me because my teachers would check to see if everyone understood the information very clearly before moving on, all of this has happened in English, Maths, Italian and many more. During my seven years at school I have come away knowing how to read, write, do maths, draw,  play the bass guitar, know how to play sport, how make new friends and get along with people and many more things. After learning how to play bass guitar I am thinking of forming a band with my friends when I am older. So keep your eyes and ears open for my future band appearing at a stadium near you soon.