literacy circles podcast

This term we did a project called literacy circles. Literacy circles is when we chose a book and all the other people who chose the book you chose are in your group. My group read a book called Hover Car Racer, the people in my group where myself, Raymond, Declan, Afrah, Takee and Ore. Then you have to read the book and you also get a role which could be Discussion Director, Captain or Contessa of comperasion, connector, tally master, word watcher and Passage Master. Then when you finish the book the group has to work out how to present it. Our teacher told each group it had to be a podcast. Are podcast was a game show with Raymond as the host, Declan and Ore on team 1 and me and Takee on team 2. After we finished recording and editing the game show we did an interview. All of the questions Raymond asked us was about certain parts in the book. Some of the questions  where about the characters who are Jason: the main character, The Bug: Jason’s navigator, Sally: Jason’s Mech cheif and many more characters. Some of the other questions where what results Jason wanted to achieve and many more. Some of the other books where Gilbert’s Ghost Train, Game of the Goose, What do you think Frisle and Hover Car racer.

valedictorian speech

Good evening parents, teachers and fellow year 6 students. My name is James Trembath and this is my valedictorian speech. From prep to grade 6 there have been some fantastic moments and some crummy ones too. During the school year there have been camps, excursions and any other events that have inspired us to do the best we can during our time at school. MPPS have always encouraged their students to study hard but also to do things they like such as drawing, playing sport and even playing an musical instrument. One moment which has inspired me so much, is when I was chosen to be the only bass guitar player to go to the MVIMP camp and play in the combined band at the MVIMP concert. During the bus trip to Bacchus Marsh, where music camp was being held, I was very worried that I would stuff up and make mistakes during practise and the concert, even thought I made one little stuff up I just kept playing. The one thing I learnt at MVIMP camp was when you practise really hard, you can be really proud of yourself when you get people coming up to you to tell you what a great job you did. During the MPPS percussion band performance I was involved as a drummer where we played a tune. During my second solo the rubber tip of the drum sticks I was using came off, started bouncing around on the drum and then went flying onto the floor. When I saw that the end of the drumstick was missing, and one of the music teachers from the other schools started chasing it around, I had to try not to start laughing and stuff up the rest of the song.

Another funny thing which happened to me during the 3/4 Sovereign Hill camp. I was at the creek mining for gold and I wanted to get across without having to go all the way back, so I spotted some rocks and started walking across them to get to the other side, but at the half way point I slipped and went flying into the creek.

During the past 7 years I have had these teachers; Lee R; she was my prep teacher and she was really sweet and a really good teacher to introduce me to MPPS, Nicole M; she was my grade 1 teacher and she was also really sweet, Lara; she was my grade 2 teacher and she was really encouraging, Antony B; who was my grade 3 teacher he would explain the topic really well and would help me whenever I needed help, Beth M; she was my grade 4 teacher she was really sweet and helpful and last Lee P; who was my grade 5 and 6 teacher he was really encouraging and made sure we understood what the topic was before he moved on.

MPPS has been really good for me because my teachers would check to see if everyone understood the information very clearly before moving on, all of this has happened in English, Maths, Italian and many more. During my seven years at school I have come away knowing how to read, write, do maths, draw,  play the bass guitar, know how to play sport, how make new friends and get along with people and many more things. After learning how to play bass guitar I am thinking of forming a band with my friends when I am older. So keep your eyes and ears open for my future band appearing at a stadium near you soon.

BTN 2014’s conflicts

The Behind The News I did for this week was about 2014’s conflicts and other worries this year. This year many events around the world have occurred, which have caused death, sadness and many more horrible things. One of the biggest story’s which has happened in a country called Iraq, a group in Iraq called Islamic States have been going around concurring city’s and killing innocent people. So Australia has helped to air strike Islamic States along with many other countries. Also in Gaza fighting broke out between Israelis and Palestinians. During the battle over 2000 people lost their lives. Things also got pretty serious over in Ukraine because of an election, one side wanted it one way, the other side another way. Another disaster which shocked the world was the horrifying disaster of Malaysia airlines  flight MH17 which was shot down over Ukraine. In total, 298 passengers died including 38 Australians. Most of the blame was on Russia who supplied the Surface air Missile which was used in the attack, but a few days before that another Malaysia airlines plane disappeared over the pacific ocean. Also this year we remember this year marks 100 years since the start of World War 1.When it finished millions of people died and thousands more wounded.

Mathsmate question 22

Prediction: I predict that this will be about dividing numbers.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Question: The question shows two deals and you have to decide which one was better. The first deal is $32 for 4,L  or $8.50 for 1,L.

Mathematitions tool box: I used trial and error.

Answer: I divided 32 by 4 and got 8 as my answer, so the answer is A

BTN Women in World War 1

The Behind The News I did for this week was about women serving in World War 1. The 11th of November is known to us as Remembrance Day. On this day at 11 am people are asked to stop what they are doing and think about those who went and died in World War 1. On this day most people think of male soldiers who did all of the fighting but did you know that thousands of women who where nurses who put their lives on the line to assist us in World War 1. One women who was called Olive Hayse not only served as a nurse but survived World War 1. At the time women weren’t allowed to fight but even though they knew that they could be killed or wounded, they still wanted to help. Nurses like Olive traveled all over the battle fields to treat the sick and wounded. During the war the conditions where really tough and most of the time the medics didn’t have the right equipment and many died from sickness and injury. Olive went to France in 1916 where most of the fighting happened. They faced lots of dangers because they where close to the battlefields. Back home women took over many jobs that men would have done to help in the war. In 1917 Olive married a soldier and in 1918 she was finally allowed to come home from the battles of World War 1.

Mathsmate question 24

Prediction: I predict that this will be about multiplying numbers.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Question: The question shows a multiplication equation which shows this: 2?6 x 3 = ?3?. So what is the equation?

Mathematitions tool box: I used trial the error.

Answer: I got this as my answer: 246 x 3 = 738

Mathsmate question 24

Prediction: I predict that this will be about working out what numbers go in each slot.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Question: The question shows a equation which has some missing numbers. The equation is 1?9 x 6 = ?5? what are the missing digits?

Mathematitions tool box: I used trial and error.

Answer: in the end I got as my  109 x 6 = 654

100 Word Challenge week 10

On a dark and stormy night a family where out camping when they heard something outside the tent. The whole family peeped their heads out of the zip and saw a large fury thing, as it shivered, the family had to get a closer look to see what is was. Suddenly they all realized that it was a bear! As they got some defenses like pots and pans they shined a torch on it, then the dad realized it was not anything scary but it was their puppy “Fred” who was sleeping outside.

BTN Music Education

The Behind the News I did for this week was about Music Education. Did you know that there is a government group who decides what you learn at school. Recently they did a review and agreed that a few areas should be changed. One of these areas was the arts programs. They thought that it would be a good decision because they think students should learn more music than drama and dance. The whole point of getting the students to learn more music is to get them excited about playing an instrument and to get the teachers to do more music lessons at school. Music is just one of the many subjects students learn at school. Music comes under the category of art along with drama, dance, visual arts and media arts. Do you think that kids should learn more about music and less of the other arts like drama and dance?

Mathsmate Question 22

Prediction: I predict that this will be about  dividing numbers.

Clarify: nothing to Clarify.

Question: The Question shows a equation which is 36 divided by ? = 4. so I had to work out what was the missing number.

Answer: I got 9 as my answer.